Friday, December 08, 2006

a walking spoiler alert

that's me. every year, i get all my xmas shopping done way early. the boy's birthday is also right between xmas and new year's, so i get that done early too. then we go through this ritual where i, impatient/spoiler-alert mcgee, pester him to open his presents early because i'm going to near-asplode from excitement. there's a tussle, and then with my winsome (read: unpleasant keening) ways, i eventually get him to give in. this year i JUST COULDN'T RESIST! we're not doing xmas gifts for each other, but his birthday gift was so insane i just HAD to have him have it now.

i got him a memory foam pillow. sure it LOOKS innocuous. but dear might be the best present i've ever given in the history of life. as soon as you put your head on it, it's like your head is being cradled by jesus himself. all the pressure on your head, your back, your neck (pressure you didn't even REALIZE you HAD) is lifted, and the firm-yet-yielding support makes you feel all aligned and happy. despite my usual predeliction to selfishness, it's really a sign of my **** for the boy, that i'm willing to endure a lifetime of pillow inequity - my neck contorted and squashed into an unnatural position, gazing longingly at the manifestation of my emotions cushioning his head. the next item on the agenda is a memory foam pillow for me, and a MEMORY FOAM PAD FOR THE BED. bliss!!!! another awesome thing to do with the pillow is put it under your back and lie on good. i also got an amazing deal on the pillow. i went to the sleep country on the danforth and they were charging $200+ for one, whereas on my roomie's suggestion, i went to her hippie chiropractor/natural health person and they sold it to me for cost.

so you can see why a gift like that really can't be wasted, waiting for proper days and due process and whatnot. also, in my defense, there's a part II of the bday present extravaganza, which i'm going to hold out on bestowing (until i'm within at least a one week time frame...i promise!)

in other news, last night out of the blue i picked up my records and played b2b with the boy for about an hour and a half. it was fun! i'm actually not that half-bad a dj, given the infrequency with which i dabble. my one talent is that i'm really good at programming sets, and finding tunes that go exceptionally well together. i'm an idiot savant at that. it made me want to start buying records again.

also! past recipients of m and i's annual cd of holiday cheer will be glad to know that this year marks the return of a duet by your favorite bill and ted's impersonators. people who've had to endure my a-tonal caterwauling will ALSO be exceedingly glad to know that the boy has a new program called melodyne, that basically does all kinds of pitch-correcting and will make me sound like christina aguilera. score! apparently i'm not tone-deaf, i just mis-hear stuff all the time. i have "relational" tone...which means that if you have me alone singing to nothing, then i do my thing okay, but put music or someone(thing) else in the right key, and then it's a lot harder for me to match it. lack of practice and performance anxiety living with the music man.

tonight i was supposed to go to this party but my whole crew all decided to bail on each other. there's this girl playing at the party who goes by the name "pr.incest" (that's what's so great about can't MAKE THIS S**T UP!!!) if you go to her myspace it's like the movie se7en as envisioned by a 17 year old goth "cutter". it's pretty hilarious and so, so delusional.

instead i'm working at the library i LOVE and then hanging out with my friend h and her crew. we're going to this DUDE show (arts and crafts by young an antidote to the one of a kind show) and having dinner at sneaky's dees. which means i get to try the fabled sneaky dee's nachos. they better live up to their rep!



T-Pat said...

haha...I just found out we're getting an Urban Outfitters here. it's opening up in February! not that I like their stuff all that much, but they usually have a pretty good selection of shoes...or is that just on the website? hmmm...

sg said...

i just wrote this really long comment about 50s iconography and todays fetishization of it but it wouldnt post. boo. i am going to the show too.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

tash: i can't even go into the toronto urban outfitters anymore. they styles so aren't me...and everything is ridiculously overpriced. the online is okay, but the shipping to canada is a bitchwich. ebay 4-life, guy!!!

coach: what did you do to make blogger mad at you?

t-pat said...

oh great...I already don't care for the clothes...oh well. I hear what you're's all about the sales and consignment for me these days! but that makes things more interesting anyway. I'm at least a little more discriminating with used clothing than I was in high I try to avoid the synthetics...haha