Friday, December 15, 2006


last night's "celebrations" involved the three of us lying prone on the couch (one of the rules was that we couldn't be vertical for more than five minutes at a time), with heating pads, memory foam pillows, hot water bottles, and scarfing the following: mamma's pizza, tandoori chicken wings (we get them from this place makkah, first time ever but they're freakin' good!), freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and samosas that one of my co-workers from the library trucks out en masse from mississauga for us. they're the best samosas i've ever had. they're huge, and they're only .40 a pop! what a deal! in this day and age?! when jamie kennedy has the gall to charge $10 for 2 miami ribs?!? it was also an opportunity for me to show off one of my superhero talents. i can take one of the two boner wings (not the mini-drumstick one) and stick it in my mouth vertically and suck all the meat off in one go. it sounds a lot more sexy than it actually is in practice. in practice, i look like a trucker and it leaves people slack-jawed with horror, not lust.

we also watched "arrested development" season 1 disc 1. good god i love that show. brilliance is not even the word.

i ate so much that i came perilously close to heartburn. not too long ago, we were having a discussion with some friends regarding what super-hero talent we would want. mine was to be able to eat whatever i want and never feel full. i've been told that it's not a particularly useful superhero talent...but my response was: "hey, it's my superhero talent" then there's the other question about what existing talent you have that translates well to super-hero-dom. mine would be: organizing people's lives, and naming things. speaking of which, i thought of another name for my future progeny (to join dracula, and sharky): he-man. it's a girl's name, obviously.

the exam yesterday went down as easy as the mountains of food i ate last night.

prints of my friend's pictures are available for purchase at know your artist. if you click on one of the pictures you can see the funny write up i did for him. funny writeups are another of my superhero talents. it's a little-known fact that i introduced the cheeky writing style into rave-party promotion in toronto, through my writeups for splinter productions. i'm quite proud of the work that i did for attila, i'm trying to atone for the work i did for friends of the boy who have a company called dujoo. they barely used any of the stuff i gave them. i think they wanted work of a much more standard and "serious" nature than i'm capable of. it's hard for me to sell something in a "serious" and "standard" way, especially when i'm trying to describe or provide a mission statement for something that hasn't been nailed down yet.

in other news, here's the cover art for the cd that the record label which which i'm peripherally related has just released. i used to be a co-owner, but then i didn't like some of the other people so i dropped out. so basically i get all the perks of running a label (weighing in with marketing, doing the art direction of all the materials, writing press, etc) without the financial obligations and meetings that last too long with stupid people.

the artist is fantastic. kind of atmospheric downtempo stuff, i think he's as good as anyone who's releasing vaguely idm-ish stuff right now. he's from ireland. so if any of you want a super-hype cd of fresh music and want to support a local label started by some wee little kidlets with a dream, hit me up!

tonight is the start of the ho-lee-schiener-doty holiday fest, version 2006. which means a weekend filled with eating lots, movies, pop culture trivia, jokes at each others' expense, booze, cute little gaffers running around, and GUITAR HERO! yes!!! i think we're going to asian legend for dinner up in markham. which means shanghai dimsum. if i ever get "married" i'm going to have the reception at asian legend.


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why are you wasting your time doing write ups for people who dont appreciate them? im here! i appreciate! where's the work?? ;)