Tuesday, December 26, 2006

santa's intel

is way off. either that, or gleaned from some back-alley transaction with a low-level triad member in shanghai. at any rate, the quantity of my post-capitalist bacchanalia spoils is not commensurate with the extent to which i was "good". unless we're in bizarre-o land and "good" equals "bad". or unless we're in baudrillard-ville where everything is a simulacra.

here is a food-porn shot of the breakfast i made yesterday morning. it requires about as much retouching as i do when a picture is taken from my bad side. here is also a picture of my bad side. there's a funny story about that. i had taken a bunch of pictures of my friend's boxer puppy, poe. the next day, we were sitting in a restaurant and i was trying to tell my friends that i have a good side and a bad side. they didn't believe me, so i took a picture of each. i was leaning across the table (they were sitting facing me) showing them the pictures, i said "here's my good side" *good side picture appears* and then, "here's my bad side" *picture of puppy appears because i scrolled back too far*

anyway, i was spoiled beyond imaginging with really thoughtful, nice gifts that way exceed my status with the boy's family as resident out-law. for all the nerdbombers out there...here's a shot of me with the gift that my sister got me for my family's xmas. oh yes, it's none other than a battlestar galactica "viper ace" t-shirt. the boy got one that says "pch bikers" and another battlestar themed one, and my brother got one that says "hearst college" and "new caprica sucked". !!!!! comic-con, here we come!

we're engaging in capitalist bacchanalia part 2: budget edition today, with some serious boxing day shopping. or at least walking around and looking at stuff...i don't know how much we'll actually buy. then we're going to pick up rotis at ghandi's if they're open and come back and mange those. that is the plan. failing that, we'll have to order or scrounge up food from somewhere else, all of which will be faithfully documented by yours truly. last night we ate a turkey dinner, with roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and carrots and stuffing. the stuffing and the turkey were absolute home runs. i find it a little odd the white people family habit of not salting their food as they cook it, and then passing the seasoning at the table, because to me, things are then indifferently and inconsistently seasoned. but again, i do have that nostalgia for that white-bread family dinner experience that i never had growing up, so i do enjoy it in a kind of fetishistic way.


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