Wednesday, December 13, 2006

my exam yesterday

was very strange. i "studied" for maybe an hour on monday evening. i walked into the exam, HAD MY CELL PHONE RING DURING THE EXAM (so embarassing! i even looked at it that morning, and thought, 'nah, i won't turn it off, because no one EVER calls me during the day') and came out feeling that i would have done the exact same having not studied at all. which means that i either did ridiculously well, or that i missed something HUGE.
the point is, i'm taking today the hells OFF! i might crack my notes for tomorrow's exam at some point, but i'm not stressing about it. i'm grateful for the fact that come friday, i get to see my little doozer of a nephew, little ze. i also get to hang with my niece, who's the funniest kid ever. i can't wait! christmas with my family is going to be so much fun! plus we're going to eat ourselves SICK!

today the plan is to make english almond toffee, salted chocolate caramels, gingersnaps, and bake some pecan cookies to give to the neighbours and my landlord, and my library peeps. and bake some pound cake for my stepdad.

tonight's dinner is going to be a butternut squash soup, pureed. then i add in some finely diced, red pepper, carrot and corn, some finely shredded kale, and top it with some pancetta lardons that i've crisped up in a pan. depending on how hungry we are, i might serve it with a croque monsieur sandwich.

boring post peeps, not much a g'wan all up in this shiz.


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