Sunday, December 10, 2006

my committment

level to school right now is nil. at this moment, i'm willing to PAY THEM to let me write both my exams, cold, no studying, tomorrow morning, in half an hour, just so i can have them over with. i don't care if i fail.

last night was fun! although one of the djs disappointed big time. she was some guest dj who couldn't mix a cake, and who kept messing up the levels. which is fine. the problem is when a dj can't mix but then does the fist-pumping-in-the-air high on their own juice thing...then it gets embarassing. plus she played CRAPOLA. pre-hip hop breakbeat-y stuff. i want to hear the HITS, dammit! and she couldn't tell that she was killing the crowd. then an obnoxiously large "breakdancing" circle started. i hate breakdancing circles when they're not physically relative to the space available for non-breakdancers to dance. i also don't like it when they last FOR HOURS and it's the same people going into the circle and doing the same moves (ie. hip hop dance class 101)...then i'm just like, gimme space to DANCE, dammit!

tonight for dinner we're having people over, so i'm making a milk-braised pork loin, braised in a mixture of milk, white wine reduction, and sauteed onions, garlic, sliced fennel and a little tomato paste. we're having it with egg noodles, and braised red cabbage and sauteed zucchini. for dessert, we're having a variation on the dessert i made for my family's christmas, because i want to test my quick puff. instead of individual pear pockets, i made a square of puff pastry, with raised sides, in which i'm going to spread my frangipane, and top with peeled, sliced pears, and bake in the oven. served with whipped cream and bourbon toffee sauce.


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