Thursday, December 21, 2006

lurve is in the air!

huzzah! my bff's new lurve is really cool and nice and funny and gives him a hard time! my roomies had gotten me all nervous that maybe she was the kind of wackjob chica who likes to arbitrarily hate on peep's exes...and that maybe she wouldn't be okay with me being the best man at the wedding. phew! i'm safe! how like me to turn new lurve into a narcissistic concern for my own wedding-party status.

in other is a fun day of sociableness. the boy and i both have the whole day off, so we're meeting h at st. lawrence market for a nice, leisurely lunch, then heading home for some puttering (for me that means: making english toffee, knitting my nephew's hat, maybe getting around to that pineapple lemon jam, doing some grocery shopping). then i'm taking the boy out for an early birthday dinner at amuse bouche, which i've heard nothing but fantastic things about. then we're meeting up for drinks with the roomie's friends, whom i really really like (one of them is my exact doppelganger, but blonde and blue eyed...EXACT PERSONALITY DOPPELGANGER). i really love it when good friends of friends integrate well.

the gnocchi turned out really light and pillowy and absolutely delicious. i was really happy with the finished product, the dough came together really easily and was pliable and soft, yet forgiving to work with. there's a little lemon zest in the gnocchi mix that just brightens everything up that extra little bit.


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