Monday, December 11, 2006

jamie kennedy wine bar

is jumping the shark. torito isn't open on mondays, so my mum, the boy and i went to jamie kennedy wine bar for dinner. me and the boy have been there a few times, once just after they had opened, and it was quite good...portions were large for the price you paid, the food was well-executed, service was s**t but it still seemed like a decent deal. this time was meh at best. i don't know if maybe we know a lot more now that we're more seasoned dining veterans, but i also think that jamie has let things slide in the intervening years.

we had:
yukon gold fries as beef brisket poutine
- this dish was okay, but there were literally 20 fries with a 2 " piece of brisket, some jus, some cheddar cheese and some aioli. flavours were good, but for nine dollars?!? i KNOWS what brisket and potatoes cost, captain gougy mcshiesterson
papillotte of black cod with preserved lemon and cured tomatoes
- this dish was quite nice, the preserved lemon added a nice level of pithy acidicness and brightness to what was essentially steamed black cod. there was also some parsley sprinkled on the fish that punched it up. again, the portion was about the size of two of my thumbs put together (and no, i don't have freakishly large thumbs).
charcuterie plate of house-made pate and terrine
- this was one of the stronger dishes. the pate was silky smooth and the terrine was chunky textured and nicely meaty, especially when punched up with a brassy mustard and pickle accoutrement. three VERY slender pieces of walnut bread accompanied the dish...a few more slices of bread would have been nice. I KNOWS WHAT BREAD COSTS TOO.
duck confit with braised red cabbage
- the cabbage was very lovely, braised to silkiness and very round and earthy flavoured. the duck confit was a little dry, except when you got to the skin, which was tasty, but left a little too fatty even for my liking, which is saying alot.
berkshire pork stew with almonds
- probably my favorite dish of the evening. thick, juicy chunks of pork in a vaguely romesco-y almond enriched sauce. no bread, no accompaniment though! we asked for bread to sop up the sauce, and we were rewarded with a single slender slice of, well...toast, that had been grilled on either side and cut on the bias. C'MON DUDE!
grilled honey mustard beef shortibs
- this dish succeeded in making me mad. when you hear shortribs, what do you think? i think of this --->
what we got instead were two less than 1/8" thick, 4" long thin slices of what are generally known as miami ribs...anyone who eats korean bbq will know what i'm talking about. two! paper thin! with neither a taste of honey or mustard to be found! next to a thimble-sized portion of mandolined pickled heritage carrots. know what? when i go for all you can eat korean bbq, or all you can eat japanese up in markham, i can eat ENOUGH OF THOSE RIBS UNTIL I VOMIT, AND THEY'LL STILL BRING ME MORE. plus all the other stuff you get with the all you can eat. for $14 a person, inluding tea, rice and a scoop of indifferent ice cream for dessert. those two paper thin slices cost $10. that made me furious. it's completely unethical.
banana pecan cake with coconut ice cream
- the cake was a dry banana bread studded with some pecans and served with a scoop of coconut ice cream. this was okay as far as desserts go, but not terribly impressive by any stretch.

the service there also continues to blow. the boy and i have a great idea to make up our OWN comment cards and leave them at places. we're going to call the company: "yau mo gau chor" (phonetic cantonese for: "you gotta be kidding me" or "did you count that right?" <-- literal translation). i had the idea because restaurants really don't give you much of an opportunity to voice your opinion of the meal, outside of the tip, and i rarely take it out in tip form, cuz i'm just not into that. we'd do it for good things and bad things. but jk wine bar definitely earned itself a y.m.g.c. big thumbs DOWN.

yesterday i dropped off food at the cafe at u of t and then my architecture grad student friend took me to see the first year crits. the project was to design a museum to house a collection of obsolete media. it was really interesting, as part of the project involved a visual mapping of how the architects were going to organize the information and group the collection in some kind of order. it dovetailed really well with my program, or at least with the potential in my program. i also got to see this dude's thesis, where he talks about chris ware and i had some insight into ware's work...again it dovetails neatly with what i tackle in FIS...his thesis touches on 2.0 stuff, and organizing information and public ish. the visual and spatial dynamic of what an information professional does is a really cool concept to me.

it's not like there isn't conceptually interesting and engaging work being done in information studies. i actually find the concept of bibliographic control fascinating. we're supposed to act as the mediaries, representing a work using vocabulary to make the "intellectual content" or "aboutness" of the work transparent to the user. it calls to mind foucault's the archeology of knowledge (which i just went to look for on my bookshelf and couldn't find, so it's stressing me out not a little bit). but the kicker is: WE NEVER TALK ABOUT THIS. we never are told to look behind the curtain. it just IS. like this stuff just fell to information professionals, complete and total out of the sky like the ten commandments. very bizarre.

tonight for dinner we're having a roasted beet, swiss chard, and goat's cheese pasta. i roasted the beets in the oven until they were soft, then grated them on the big holes of a box grater (when you grate beets like this, the peels just come right off). saute some leeks and garlic, sweat them out, add swiss chard. meanwhile, cook you pasta, drain, add goat's cheese, beets, pasta, and pasta cooking water to the swiss chard, with some salt and pepper, and you've got dinner.



dr. rei said...

"yau mo gau chor" (phonetic cantonese for: "you gotta be kidding me" or "did you count that right?" <-- literal translation)


karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

guy! i made my "u of t can kiss my yellow ass" t-shirt (with the yellow in yellow paint) and it looks awesome! and i've been getting mad daps (i'm wearing it all through exam week). we gotta get together so i can make one for you too! and we just gotta get together in general.

the u and t and some of kiss gets eaten up by my pits though. oh well.


dr.rei said...

haha! that sounds amazing bud...and yes we gotsta get together and laugh our asses off soon. next week when you get back from hangin with your fam!!

sg said...

you could make some mad cash selling those shirts. because you totally need another job, oh well...