Monday, December 04, 2006

i've found religion

and my deity is s'mores pie. as per the usual, in my pms-fueled orgiastic need for food that is bad for me (and vast quantities at that), i gorged at breakfast, felt sick, and then the moment my stomach returned to the slightest semblance of it's old self, i spear-headed a charge to order mama's pizza. which i scarfed with a can of root beer and TWO (!!!!!) slices of s'mores pie. ai-ya. my poor arteries.

i've vowed that i got to get my life (read: diet) back on track. i always make these grandiose statements and then realize that, all things considered, my diet is pretty damned awesome, considering i cook from scratch with healthy ingredients 98% of the time. i guess i'm just a fan of the grandiose (quelle surprise)

we're all caught up in battlestar. talk about bittersweet. i've got the xmas holidays coming up and no television prospects for marathoning...although i've heard some really good things about that show, heroes. in other news: the coupling of starbuck and lee adama stresses me out. because a) i don't really believe that starbuck swings that way. and b) i don't really believe that lee adama swings that way. there's something very queer as folk about him. i just totally don't buy it. anyway, the character i get all stupidly drooly about is helo. humina humina. plus, he's made of strong moral fibre. i go for that in a big way. i hate it when love stories on shows just don't make no sense. it really disrupts my suspension of disbelief.

i'm also vaguely stressed out that there wasn't a new episode of top chef for me to source out. did they take a week off? strangely, i'm NOT all that stressed out that i've left myself approximately four hours today to START and finish my assignment due tomorrow that's worth 20-25% of my mark. hahaha. it's for intro to bibliographic control. i'm not stressing because i kinda like how a) cataloguing is like detective work b) all the answers are in the handbooks they give you, it's just a matter of how carefully you read and follow the instructions. the rest is about 90% b.s. and filler. my forte.

for dinner tonight i'm making braised shortribs. i got them from the mennonites. dried them off, seasoned with salt and pepper and seared them really well in a hot pan. then i set them aside, and sauteed my mirepoix (1" chunks of onions, celery and carrots) in the remaining fat. reduced some porter ale and deglazed the pan, then put everything together in the slow cooker. we're going to have this with polenta, sauteed mushrooms, and green beans with lemon vinaigrette. the boy is in charge of the polenta...i'm a little worried but i'm sure he'll be fine. the concern is that he'll underestimate the amount of babysitting a proper polenta needs.

in the interests of honesty, i'll probably follow it up with some s'mores pie.



Little Ze's Mama said...

Oh my gods, Helo is so wicked hot!

Anonymous said...

Looking for some marathon TV. We've got season 2 of LOST.
momma d

mark said...

ok... i know you're gonna hate me when i say this, but Battlestar Galactica borders on FROMAGE! I'm really trying to watch it without saying "whatever!" like when Starbuck plugs up the hole in the Cylon spaceship with her JACKET and flies it home sucking on an airtube (like seriously, NASA is going in the wrong direction and is losing valuable Space Shuttles when they could of been plugging up broken tiles gaps with their jackets! Jackets are air tight arnt they? The can hold pressure! BAH!).

Don't get me wrong, I love Sci-Fi and I read more then I watch but maybe that's my problem. This show is definatley not better then Star Wars. It's basically Episode I without Jar Jar!.

All this being said, I'll still rent Season 2, but when LOST comes back on in February I will drop everything and return to my true addiction!!!!!!!!!! So much better. LOST gives me the heebie jeebies!