Saturday, December 23, 2006

it was a clear black night, a clear white moon

last night was the boom boom. the club was really nice on the inside, and was just large enough to not need craploads of people to seem full, but small enough to still feel intimate and cozy. the dj needed some work...he wasn't "djing" per se, and he didn't know how to read or work the crowd. he'd get the crowd hyped with some ace tunes, and then drop in some disco and completely clear the floor and kill the vibe.

me and the boy and dr. rei stopped at the college street bar for a bit for this old skool jungle jam which was pants, and when me and the boy got back, octopus was BUMPIN'. he was playing all these reggae hits which gets me all moneymaker-shakingly happy, and then went into old skool hip hop, and THEN HE PLAYED ME AND THE BOY'S SONG! which we NEVER EVER HEAR OUT, and which i've requested on more than one occasion at never forgive action (the old skool hip hop night). the song in question is: nate dogg and warren g's "regulate". ACES!

the place was meatmarket 2006 though. here are some sample encounters i had with the male persuasion. one gentleman, let's call him yik (from degrassi) sidles up to me and proceeds to be on the receiving end of my acerbic bluntness.
yik: "hey, what's your name?"
me: "karl lagerfeld, nice to meet you"
yik: "karla?"
yik: "oh, haha...i'm edward, nice to meet you"
me (stoneface, but pleasant): "nice to meet you"
yik: "you have a beautiful smile"
me *sigh*: "are you trying to get down my pants?"
yik (taken aback): "uhh...well, i hadn't thought it through that far, but yes, i find you extremely attractive and if it went that way-"
me: "stop right there. let's just cut to the chase: i think you're trying to get down my pants, and it's a bad idea"
yik: "umm...well, i mean-"
me (firm but fair headshake): "trust me, it's a BAD idea"

then, later in the evening, i'm dancing away and this girl drags this dude over who has been eyeing me dancing for a bit.
dude: "so you're a really good dancer"
me: "i really love dancing"
dude: "i'm just going to stand over here and watch you dance, is that okay?"
me: "well, to be honest, it's actually kind of creepy"
dude: "okay, well i'll just stand over here with my back to you"
me: "thanks!"

jesus. is that what passes for courtship these days? newsflash: I'M NOT DRUNK. i need a t-shirt that says that on it, so that when i'm dancing and i get interrupted by groiny mcgroinerson, i can just point to the shirt and give the no finger-wag.

but it was really fun to dance and be merry and hang with a crew that had an awesome dynamic together.

today we went for the annual brunch with the boy's extended family. it was at this place called the doctor's house in kleinburg, it's very wasp-y and kind of banquet-flocked floral swagged windows-wedding reception stylee. the food was aight, but i was expecting brunch, and they only do it on sunday, but no one knew this until we sat down and were presented with a menu with a lot of dinner-y type options on it (sweetbread risotto, veal liver, etc). i just don't think i was equipped to handle dinner at 12pm. it was a bit much, especially when we got pretty crunked the night before.

tonight i think we're going to be lazykins and order la chalet suisse. or something equivalent and eat dessert and chips and watch tristan and isolde and re-watch battlestar galactica from the beginning with my roomie's bff, and my old friend from university, who is a big SF fan but hasn't seen it yet. i'm excited FOR her. we're basically holing up in the house and being anti-social and knitting and chiefing it up all night...which is my most favoritest kind of evening in the world. i love being surrounded with people who stimulate me and engage me to the point where i don't need or want to exert myself to get external social interaction. that's why if i had my way, all my friends and family would live within a 2 block radius. a commune of awesomeness.

tshirt ideas for the future:
le monde est un vampir
i'm not drunk
nate dogg and warren g say: regulate



dr.rei said...

man i had so much fun that night!!!! dude, you gotta make me a le monde est une vampir shirt...i will die a happy pig if you do!

LAWL at yik and all the hilarious antics of the evening hehehe i love you bastards!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

you should come chill with us on either nye eve (when we're going dancing) or nye propah (when we're sitting around eating pizza and chips and guac and watching mad tv on dvd).

do it!!!!!

i'll be back in town dec. 29th holla at me! also...i bit your style and got a formal-y black pea-coat...yours is more mod looking than mine...mine has a princess collar and was a boxing day steal at noise of all places!!!


dr.rei said...

word? nice! that's awesome worries about the steez biting lol!

i'm sssssssssooo down for nye eve or nye hangouts fo sho...the loafing on the couch thing sounds especially mighty fine.