Sunday, December 24, 2006


so my friend from montreal gave me a bitchin' haircut that makes me look like an anime character come to life. i'm incredibly pleased with it, partially because it feels like i'm 10 lbs lighter. after she was done, we swept up the hair and it filled a grocery store shopping bag.

here's the deal: if i can get a decent haircut for free what's BRITNEY SPEARS' EXCUSE?!? seriously. the fact that she refuses to get a stylist stresses me out beyond imagining. here's my brilliant analogy for the britney/k-fed situation: britney squandered the good will of the world after breaking up with k-fed, in much the same way that the united states squandered the good will of the world post 9-11. isn't it apt?!? coming up with apt analogies is a bit of a party trick of mine.

last night as we were lolling on the couch we got a bunch of calls from the boy's high school crew, who were partying at this dude's ralph's house (another guy we went to high school with) and wanted us to come. here's how shallow i am. i'm only 50/50 with that crew...i LOVE hanging out with the core members, who are a bunch of solid, really intelligent dudes who get drunk and are pantloads of fun, but the peripheral high school reunion thing is so not my scene. every party always kind of turns out like that, and then it kinda gets teh awkward for me if i stay for an extended period of time. basically, all i want to do, is show up, look fierce, dazzle them with how wikked funny and cool i am, and then disappear into a puff of smoke like some fantastic apparition. it's only because i was SUCH an insecure nerdbomber in high school and few people were privy to my brilliance. so now i want to exact retribution on them. kind of like how lil jon went from looking like that, to his current incarnation. we also got a call from the boy's work friend...the last time he called he was hanging out with xzibit. so in our quest for absolute loaf-dom we might have missed the chance to hang with similar hip hop b-list royalty. like one of the ices (probably cube).

tonight the plan is the annual xmas eve holiday extravaganza with the boy's family. which usually means food and a movie. then we sleep over there and wake up to a norman rockwell kinda thing. soft xmas holiday music in the background and participation in a capitalist bacchanalia. then eating ourselves into a stupor.

i'm trying to resist the temptation to squander my education money on further capitalist bacchanalia on boxing day. eek! it's definitely a toughie.

i'm also making paella for the roomie and my friend from montreal. i bought the stuff to make it yesterday, but we ended up eating square boy instead, and i don't want the seafood to go to waste.


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