Saturday, December 30, 2006

fresh from the farm

this is me holding a freshly born goat that was being given the banhammer by it's mum. we had to wrap it up and warm it with a blow dryer and feed it from a syringe filled with colostrum we had milked from the mother. that new jacket i bought definitely makes me look very mongolian-herder-chic. i love it!

i absolutely love going to that farm. i find it very relaxing. the proprietress is a fantastic cook, we ate like kings! one night we had a pot roast of their own beef, served with a root vegetable mash and some blanched beans tossed with browned butter, walnuts and lemon zest. the next night we had confit of duck (that i got to carve up!) with braised red cabbage and dried apricots, and shanghai choy with ginger. the next day, just before we left, she took the leftover pot roast, threw some barley in, and turned it into a hearty beef and barley potage. she really loves food and cooking, and the proprietor is really knowledgeable about things that i'm interested in, like livestock and hunting and cleaning animals. i also met their farm-hand from up the road, who asked me if i was going to get my hunting license. i just might! i'd love to hunt my own venison. we bought a goose from a meat stand up the road...a very very fat goose that would make dickens proud. AND i've been promised groundhog in the spring. i guess this all goes to show that there's very, very little i won't eat, and that for such a suburbanite, bred from a long line of metropolitan stock (you don't get much more city than good ole hong kong), i'm actually rather well suited to country living.

tonight is a night of fun! my roomie is coming back from her holiday with her family, and our guest from montreal is coming back from spending her time with her family in toronto, and we're all congregating here, having a nice meal, and then going out dancing and getting crunked.

we're effectively doing our nye's carousing tonight, instead of tomorrow, when everything is going to be wikked expensive and stupid and full of nye-noobs.

tonight we're having a roasted stuffed turkey breast with sage and celery stuffing. mashed yukon gold potato and sweet potato. mashed turnips and apples with a brown sugar crisp topping, and for dessert, pear pockets with bourbon caramel and whipped cream. it's going to be my version of the traditional christmas dinner.


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