Monday, December 11, 2006


here are some shots of the cheeses we had on saturday night. on the left and in the foreground is a french triple cream called "pierre robert". triple cream cheeses are one of my favorites. it's like eating butter x 10000000000, but with that lactic, fermented tang of cheese. this one was a particularly fine example. the one on the right is a blue cheese called "le rassembleu", also from france. it's an unpasteurized, raw-milk, organic cheese with some of the roquefort bacteria (which for some reason i want to say is penicillin???) threaded throughout. it's got a semi-firm texture and is nippy and creamy without roquefort's ammonia-y nose and sharp bite.

this is the pear tart i made. i ate TWO slices that were THAT size. eek! the quick puff turned out lovely and got really nice and crispy and brown on the bottom. this version of the dessert is much easier to do, although the proportion of pear is significantly less.

finally, here's a shot of the family posing with the christmas gift we got from our neighbour. so sweet!!! i love having that sense of community with our neighbours and knowing that we look out for each other. we were also laughing hysterically about some drunken joke or other. our guests for dinner kept commenting on the general wide-ranging level of our topics of conversation. we're all fairly curious people, so our big thing is talking stuff out and then going to do internet research and coming back with definitive answers. prior topics have included: sonic booms (what are they?), does salt lower or raise the boiling point of water?, what do hari krishnas worship? where do maggots come from? new topic: what exactly is scar tissue? we're also planning our post-apocalyptic exit strategy so we generally grill people on what kind of skill-sets they have that would be useful in a post-apocalyptic setting.

i forgot to mention how fantastically UN-suave i was at the bar saturday night. there was a STUPENDOUSLY hot guy there (tall, dreads, a real nubian prince), and out of the blue, he asked me to dance with him. i was already currently dancing. and also i a) don't do pair dancing, and b) don't even know how one would pair-dance to hip hop, unless he wants to do the dancehall wind/freakin' thing with me, in which case, i only do that for jokes. so i answered in trademark mercy truthful fashion: "ummm...i'm not even sure HOW to dance to hip hop with someeone else" then we exchanged small chit chat for about 1 second and he made his graceful escape. what a crash and burn. how do i suck at social niceties so bad? i also dropped the ball because i should have referred him to one of my girlfriends...but i totally fumbled the situation. blew it bigtime. it sucks, because i have some absolutely great, deserving, funny, sassy, smart friends who are single of both sexes, and some of them have problems finding the right partner. and some of my girlfriends get kind of down on themselves about it.

i think it's so crazy, the emphasis our culture puts on COUPLEDOM as the be all and end all. also, the view of romantic love is totally warped and wack. i don't really believe in that kind of schmaltzy romantic love, because i think it's as far from real love as you can get. i think that we teach people (and women, especially) to de-value themselves and their other equally important and enriching friendships/relationships if they haven't found the one partner. it's beyond dumb, and it's beyond unrealistic. my relationship isn't about's about really LIKING the person that i'm with, and also, as a side bonus, wanting to do the boom-boom together as well. if you can amass a crew of like-minded people that love you and support you, then you're pretty effing lucky, and i think it's vicious of our society to denigrate that, and uphold the nuclear family as the ultimate goal. what they should teach you is that love is about endurance and compromise and the small s**ty day-to-day tasks that allow you to function.

HOWEVER, even knowing that, me and the roomie got all squealy watching season 1 of veronica mars, when logan and ronnie first start hooking up. SQUEAL-CITY! so i totally succumb to the ball of mush lurking deep within the spiky ball that is my exterior.

for dinnie tonight my mum is taking us to torito. i've heard nothing but good things about it. hopefully it lives up to the hype! expect a full-food-photo extravaganza tomorrow.


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sg said...

OMG-i totally have the same bottoms as the *boy*! can i wear them when i come for dins? and then we can all sit on the couch and you can introduce me to this thing called television i keep hearing about. how cozy and matchy