Friday, December 01, 2006

fabric mice dressed in tudor and edwardian gear?

yes please! today i'm going to my friend's house to help her prep for a ginormous catering gig that she has this weekend. i'm excited to be back in a kitchen. i also want to start my own catering business so i'm excited to see how she does it. i'm also very excited to be working side by side with a fellow cook again.

after that, i have to go to the library and work a shift, and then i'm meeting my friend and we're going to the one of a kind show at the exhibition place. the one of a kind show is the massive tchotkes bazaar with local artisans and craftspeople. heavy on the craftspeople, less so on the artisans. the proportion of actual cool stuff to junk is about 1:100. it's pretty exhausting, and yet fun. sometimes you see some cool pottery or jewellery or some nice clothes, but it's mostly white people house-filler stuff...the aforementioned edwardian mice, lavender jams and jellies, etc. some of the stuff is also FANTASTICALLY over-priced. $20 for a fabric headband?!? what the eff? people actually pay for that? apparently they do.

for dinner we're doing a pre-meetup at ghandis. i might stray from my malak kofta roti and go for the butter chicken. or the sag kofta roti. decisions, decisions! i wish an outpost of ghandis, bacchus roti, and california's sandwiches would open up within walking distance from my house. that sammy last night was da lick. outrageously tasty, and eating there is a bit of an experience. they were playing this one interminably long song that sounded like phillip glass on ludes (think one sparse, modern, repetitive refrain on loop for about half an hour). very interesting choice.

yesterday we also stopped in at store called "red pegasus" so that i might buy this doll i saw featured in now magazine for my niece. it's from a line called "little thinkers" and the one they had was a jane austen soft plush doll. they also had jesus, van gogh, and ghandi. the jane austen was the most doll-like, but she was kinda ugmo, and i didn't think my niece would appreciate that or the ghandi. the jesus one was actually the best (jesus looked like quite the party-animal/stoner in doll form), but i figured i might as well get her the stuff that she wants, however much i disapprove ('bella, what!).


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