Monday, December 18, 2006

early christmas!

a hodge-podge collection of random thoughts and musings inspired by the weekend (and an unseemly list of all the delicious food i ate)

- nostalgia is an extremely powerful human emotion. i'm not the biggest charlie brown fan, but lemme tells ya, when those kids start singing "hark the herald angels sing" and it gets to the line: "god and sinners reconcile", i get all teary-eyed. i'm not even the biggest christmas fan, and yet, the popular conception of christmas and the holiday season is extremely affecting. i don't know if part of the reason is that it dovetails neatly with the end of the year, and all the introspective - NOSTALGIC! - stock-taking that happens at this time, what with it being winter and all, but the sentiment of family and togetherness and peace and goodwill really tugs at the heartstrings. even all the little baby jesus stuff, moreso in songs than in imagery, because pictures of jesus tend to freak me out...but the "little drummer boy" and some of those old non-secular hymns are so pretty, they even have ME feeling a measure of awe and wonder.
- my niece and nephew are unbearably cute
- superman (the new version) is astoundingly boring
- cranium is one of the most brilliant board games ever
- americans seemingly have no counterpoint to uniquely canadian university-bar drinking songs like "home for a rest" <-- i LOATHE this song.

friday night we went to asian legend and ate like kings. peking duck, braised fatty pork belly, the usual shanghai dimsum offerings. saturday night i cooked, and i made: roast prime rib of beef, jus, mashed potatoes, brussel sprout and carrot horseradish casserole, sweet potato and cheddar gratin, and for dessert, frangipane stuffed poached pear pockets with bourbon caramel and whipped cream. sunday afternoon we went for all you can eat was quite the deal...7 of us ate for less than $100, then sunday evening we ordered mamma's pizza so that team upstate new york could hit the road early. gluttonous! i never got back to being hungry once.

tonight we're having guests of whom will be my BFF returning from scotland, where he's been for 4 whole months. i need to make something to cleanse my system so i'm going to be making that three grain (barley, brown rice, bulghur) soup with guajillo and ancho chiles, sliced shitake mushrooms and chopped zucchini and carrots in a tomato-y broth. maybe with grilled cheese sandwiches if people want. since i don't like having company over and not making dessert, we're also going to be having a sour cream apple pie.

i have a bunch of appointments to day (eye doctor, dentist, work at night) so it doesn't really feel like my xmas break has started yet. booooooooooooooo...but tomorrow, leisure awaits!!! (albeit a uniquely mercy version of leisure where i'm doing all kinds of projects and organizing all day).


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Miss Emma-Lee said...

That soup sounds really yummy! What's a good amount of everything to put in?