Saturday, December 09, 2006


was interesting, although i had seen a similar thing in the summer with r, when we stumbled upon a show almost exactly like it on the most auspicious and momentous day of the purchase of my muumuu. the show we went to was part of the queen west outdoor sidewalk arts sale thing, but it seemed like d.u.d.e had a lot of the same exhibitors. a lot of the stuff isn't very my style at the moment, but i can appreciate the intent. i also wasn't feeling the scene very much. lots of disaffected people wearing (DREAD!) "scarves not for warmth" or SNFW. i hate snfw. i hate a lot of ish, but snfw is one of the biggest things on my ginormous list of things that i hate, and there was a "dj" there playing electro-y/indie-esque stuff, until she came upon the (very obvious) choice to mix nellie furtado's man-eater, into hall and oates' maneater. maybe i was hot, but those kinds of events just make me pretty grumpy and increase the hater-ade quotient in me exponentially. it's just not my scene. there's too much dour/ennui, not enough hilariousness.

maybe i'm just projecting my own insecurities about not fitting into my supposed generation.

today should be very very very fun. minus the part where i have to bike to the mennonites in the freezing cold with wet hair. we're having mussels for dinner, steamed in white wine, garlic, shallots, with lots of crusty baguette and some nice french cheeses (something triple cream, something goat's or blue). then we're going to eat these cookies we made thursday night: they're called "midnights" and they're mostly melted chocolate with just enough flour and cocoa to bind them together and make them hold their shape, and we threw in some chopped walnuts and toffee chips. they're quite delicious, and they maintain their integrity for a while after they're baked, even unwrapped. then we're going to a show that the boy is spinning at, whereupon if the mood strikes, i'll hop 'pon the decks for a moment of glory. then we're going to never forgive action to dance out butts off to old skool hip hop.

nachos at sneaky dee's are tasty, but a tad overpriced. i went halfsies which is the only way to do it so that it makes any sense in the universe.


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