Tuesday, December 19, 2006

chronicles from the land of

who DOES this s**t? so i rent the main floor and basement of a house. the upper two levels are being rented by this girl, who recently broke up with her bf. being the neighbourly person that i am, every year, i bake some cookies and make some candies and pack them in a tin, and give them to the neighbours, landlord, etc.

another deal-breaker for me: people who have had glamour shots done (unironically).

last night was wikked fun. my old bff came over and he was on his BEST behaviour. and i have a new bff and she came over too!!!

i really really want an external dvd burner...i hope they don't cost a zillion dollars. an external hard drive wouldn't hurt too. the boy is doing a massive reformat and it's got me hankering to do a computer enema.

tonight for dinner the plan is to have a chicken tagine with dried apricots and mint. served with couscous and steamed carrots and minted grilled eggplant.



mark said...

is you neighbours glamour shot the 'hand stroking the chin' or the 'hand holding the shirt collar or lapelle'? (the latter being my fav.. real class).

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

it's like one step removed from it.

i'll show you if you want to peep it.

p.s. are you going to that old skool jam on friday? rei and me and my house are planning on hitting it for a bit, and then going to this reggae/hip hop/rnb club night. lemme know if you want in.