Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the b.s.-ometre

went into overdrive last night. i cranked out that little bitch of a paper in about an hour. i care not! i'm two final exams and one nearly-finished (though completely un-understood) database assignment away from putting term 1 into the motherf**king ground!

i came home to find the boy rocking a 4-burner extravaganza with noticeable aplomb. everything was timed perfectly, and he had the brilliant (unprompted) idea to puree the mirepoix into the braising liquid reduction to give the sauce some additional body. we've discovered the secret to polenta: you really can't cheat that mother. you have to cook it, over low heat, stirring frequently, for about 45 minutes to an hour, and it totally transforms the dish. the little grains kind of swell and puff up and then turn into a really richly satisfying pablum, that's still got a little resistance to the bite. once you load it up with some butter, parm, and seasoning, you're in carb heaven. heaven, i say! all in all, last night's dinnie was the boom-boom.

one of the pitfalls of trawling the internet for pictures with which to pad your admittedly flimsy and thinly veiled excuse at food porn of a blog, is that you find pictures of tv characters in their civvies. not good. here's another pic of hunky (and morally fibrous!) helo.

i finished reading this book last night. it's really good! it's a collection of stories by famous chefs of their most memorable kitchen/catering disasters. it's really humbling to read, and also to note, on the eve of my embarking on my own catering entrepeneurial venture, that most of the disasters happen while on caterings. however, i LIVE to plan for contingencies. ie. one of my favorite things in the world is packing for a trip. when i visit my sister, i have a sick fascination with re-packing the diaper bag and organizing it to my liking. me and ocd are basically bff.

tonight for dinner we're having elk burgers. they're pretty lean so i think the plan of attack will be to pan fry them in a little fat (okay, maybe a lot fat), and leave 'em a little rare in the middle. we're having this with sweet potato oven fries with chili mayo and steamed broccoli.



schmee said...

maaaaan, fuck helo and his cylon genocide sabotaging ways. he sucks.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...


a long time ago...we used to be friends.

that's all i gotta say about THAT little outburst.