Friday, November 03, 2006

uneven distribution of sugar...

on cinnamon toast will be the ruination of me. you really have to strike the perfect balance between darkly toasted, heavily buttered bread, a frosting of sugar, and only the lightest dusting of cinnamon possible. today my ratio was way off, making for a very unpleasant eating experience. which sucks because i go to bed anticipating my breakfast the next morning. actually, truth be told, i spend an ungodly amount of time thinking about/living in breathless anticipation of my next meal. which probably accounts for why i spend so much time procrastinating.

yesterday, despite my best efforts at doing some reading during reading week, i made an important discovery: trying to read in my family room with the cats piled on me results in all three of us falling into a deep and heavy sleep, rivalled only by the deep and heavy sleep that's induced on me as soon as i watch any one of the the godfather movies.

today i'm working at a library that i really's an 8 hour shift, which really means that i work 6 1/2 hours and get paid for 7. yay local 416!!! then i'm meeting some friends and eating dinner at bacchus roti. it will only be my second visit ever to that joint because it's way on the west end, but last time i was there i enjoyed it enormously. i'm hoping i can coerce someone into going halfsies on a jerk chicken roti and a spinach, chickpea and sweet potato roti. washed down with some grace ginger beer (so 'picy!) and that's a good time. if i'm super hungry...i might get some of the sweet potato fries too.

then we're going out dancing at sneaky dee's. we're going to see dj rupture
at a mathhooker party, thrown by my lil' buddy knifehandchop . dj rupture is a dude who came to fame making these insane mixes "gold teeth thief" and "minesweeper suite", which feature a mixed bag of tunes from all over seamlessly mixed with superfast cuts. last time i saw him live was at lee's palace...and i was a leetle disappointed because there had been rumours of his djing dexterity and how he murders it on three turntables...but he never had three tunes in the turned out to be a superfluous third deck that just cued up the next track. there's another dj, fishead, from montreal, who freakin' DELIVERS. crazy mashups, and the last time i saw him, he played "love is a battlefield" which is one of my favorite all time songs of all time. plus, i happen to be BFF with one of the best djs in the world for breakcore, c64, so to see rupture getting all these daps when he couldn't bring it live, was a little bogus. either way, i'm sure the show will be fun at the very least, his mixing prowess aside.


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