Thursday, November 30, 2006

type A/B

as some of you may or may not be aware, one of my course requirements to get this silly degree is a management course, specifically "management of information organizations". it's kind of like a high school business course, but i have surprisingly little resentment about it, because it's taught by this prof. who ALWAYS wears the same outfit, is very small and slight, and reminds me of my stepdad. he's also very sweet and very gentle (somewhat unlike my stepdad...haha) and he inspires in me concern regarding the potential lack of love in his life (i spent the first few classes worrying about why he doesn't wear a wedding ring and what that could mean).

anyway, i was reading the textbook and it was the chapter on "personality types" so i was trying to determine if i was a type A personality or a type B personality (note: the alphabetical proximity of those two signifiers does little to suggest the gross disparity in their alleged psychological attributes). i was reading aloud the information to the roomie and the boy: "okay, it says that type A people are frequently angry and hostile, would you say that i-"
"YES!" <- the response was immediate, simultaneous, vociferous. me: "but it ALSO says that type A people don't freely express their feelings. do i freely express my emotions?" the boy: "yes. it's just that your feelings happen to BE anger and hostility" hahahaha. it's so nice to be understood!!!! in conclusion, the type A/B dichotomy is really silly and completely arbitrary.

well, come hell or high water i'm handing in my crappy paper for jerks today. one week late. i've been assured from various sources that no one ever fails at FIS, so i'm not worried, even if it DOES cheapen this degree (although, this degree is really the current incarnation of britney spears mid-federline and post-divorce, so there's really nowhere else to go from here). at york, one time i got a b+ on a paper, and i was pulled aside and told that if i got another one, i should reconsider graduate work. eeeeek! scary but at least motivating.

after class today i'm meeting with r and we're doing a little browsing along college street. this is going to culminate in a visit to california's sandwiches on claremont for the BEST VEAL SAMMICH EVER. i'm a bit of a sammy connossieur, and this one is the best articulation of its kind, ever. no deep fryer for them. that's somebody's NONNA in the back, painstakingly PAN-frying each lovely, ginormous, breaded veal cutlet to order. then they slather it with onions, mushrooms, roasted peppers, and cheese and stuff it in a spongy kaiser. prego!!! i'm schlepping some back for the roomies.

i haven't had dessert in a while (ie. since sunday) but it's probably because i've been eating myself into near-indigestion (falling over the precipice into the fiery pit that is full-on indigestion on tuesday) every night. the dinners have been so good! i have no self control.



tasha said...'re not that angry. you've got a super good heart - an all around sweetie...or maybe that's just with the people you know :)

I sent in my last exam today!! yay! I get their 'assessment' next Wednesday, and then assuming that goes well, the oral defence will be Dec. 11th. time for more stress!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

you'll be fine! i'm going to try to call you tomorrow...i'm home all day after 12-ish.

can't wait to hear about it!