Wednesday, November 29, 2006

the return of the mack

senor el baptismo, pastor-in-training returned to the library yesterday (he was there when i got there) and resumed his bizarre flirtation-ritual/indoctrination methodology. this time it consisted of sitting in a chair reading a magazine, initating a hello, and then asking me how things were going at school. after my standardized, generic reply, he asked me: "do you ever read these kinds of things?" (magazines?!?). i was a little confused by the question, so i took a closer look at what he was reading (GQ?!? does he mean MEN'S magazines? does he think i'm a man?!? <-- honest play by play and insight into the syntatic leaps my befuddled mind is capable of), went with the assumption that he meant magazines in general and then gave another standardized reply. then he said that he really liked "fashion" (not to be a jerkbot, but i really wouldn't have gotten that based on what he was wearing...he's from the MEC/Columbia, serviceable fleece school of sartorial theory) and he liked reading it for fashion tips. okay, well fine. good on you. i proceeded to get on with my job, then five minutes later, as he's leaving, he busts in on a conversation i was having with another co-worker to show me a jacket in the GQ, "what do you think about this one? it's really nice" me: "oh yeah, it's totally very third reich" him (confused): "i'm not sure i get what you mean" me: "you know, it's got that whole glam-SS thing going on" him: *weak laughter* "ahhhhh...i guess" *quick exit*

tres bizarre. the last time i had a patron initiate so much contact with me, it was some older gentleman (like 40+) who was on temporary unemployment, and his courtship ritual culminated in the line: "i'm going to do some yoga at the community centre" *under his breath* "want to come?" gross!

there was tonnes of drama at my branch just before i arrived, featuring child services and some kids and their mom. not terribly pleasant. i basically had to deal with the fall-out, which means hearing the not-so-covertly racist security guard blather on to me about it.

tonight for dinner we're having one of my favorite pastas. you get a pot of water boiling for rigatoni. in a separate pan, you saute some pancetta, cut into a small dice...when it's crispy, you sweat out 1/2 an onion sliced, and some chopped garlic in the rendered fat, then add sliced mushrooms, and usually spinach, but we're going to use chopped beet greens and swiss chard. once those are all cooked down, you set that aside. dump the rigatoni in the salted water, and cook until al dente. have 150g. of fontina and gorgonzola crumbled and ready to go, along with 2 T. of softened butter. as soon as the pasta is al dente, you drain it, and toss the hot pasta with the reserved mushroom-greens mixture, the cheeses, and the butter...tossing it so that the residual heat from the just-cooked pasta melts the cheeses and forms the "sauce". we're eating this with a salad.


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