Saturday, November 25, 2006

productivity overload

today is a busy busy busy day. here's my to-do list:

- make puff pastry
- poach forelli pears (it's for my family's christmas dessert)
- make ginger pear jam (x-mas prezzies)
- do all the reading for my management paper so i can theoretically start writing tomorrow
- make a batch of hermit bars to sell
- make a chocolate zucchini cake to sell
- do some errands on the danforth...pick up my order from the mennonites.

!!!!! so much to do! to cap it all off, my torrent of season 3 episode 3 for battlestar is all effed up and won't work on the computer OR the dvd player. which means that we can't proceed, even though i have every OTHER episode so that we could be all caught up.

yesterday was a very very fun day. i wish i was paid to hang out with my friends, work at that library i love ONLY, and then come home and gab with my house-family. that would be an ideal job. also, if i got bonuses for puttering, that'd be a plus.

tonight for dinner i'm making assorted vegetable tempura: sweet potato, eggplant, mushrooms, broccoli, green beans, with tempura dipping sauce and udon noodles in a tofu-miso broth with enoki mushrooms. i love enoki mushrooms because they generally stay semi-crunchy when you eat 'em....or there's an offchance i'll be on a roll with my paper (hahahahahahahahaha!) and then end up ordering out. i'm kind of craving popeye's fried chicken (shout outs to pms reprazent!)

i'm also planning on making an apple crostada with brown butter streusel. which we'll eat with vanilla ice cream.



Hannah said...

Yesterday was fun! I tested out my gold high heels, while sipping cheap hooch... Also, I found a handsome pair of pink and red heart motif pumps at a thrift store today. I'm working on my proposed thesis work - an Imelda Marcos tribute/performance piece. Do you think that UVic will bite?

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

they'd be fools not to!

friday was very fun...and thank you again for treating me to dinner. it was a lovely surprise!