Thursday, November 23, 2006


look into the eyes of a killer

tuesday night i had the wackest dream. i dreamt that the closet in my bedroom led to a low waterfall, and at the base of the waterfall were teeming hordes of emperor penguins (imagine how salmon look when they're spawning...a mass of them fighting their way up a little eddy). not only were these giant emperor penguins, they were BLOOD-THIRSTY emperor penguins. so me and the boy go through the closet, and peep them at the base of the waterfall, and we get all wigged out and close the door. then, as i'm working on my computer, the power goes out. the boy goes "s**t! we have to fix the fuse box" the fuse box is IN THAT SAME CLOSET. so as he gingerly cracks open the door and reaches one hand in to wave blindly about and click the right fuse, i'm beating back the penguins with a conveniently situated mike stand (in my dream this was no laughing matter, these penguins were terror-inducing). then we close the door and my mom takes us out to dinner. when we come back...there's penguin poo on the ground. which is also terror-inducing because that means the penguins are OUT AND ABOUT somewhere. not only that, one of the penguins took a dump in a there's a diaper full of penguin poo sitting there. the dream ends with me nagging and being fixated on getting the boy to bag up the diaper full of penguin poo so we can put it in the green box.

i can't even begin to deconstruct that one. i take it to mean that i desperately want it to be december 17th, when i write my last exam and TERM 1 IS OVAH, BITCHES! brup brup!'s my admission...veronica mars is seriously going down the tubes. this season, she's just a bitch. as opposed to be a spunky smart-ass...this season she's just a moralistic haranguing harridan, and it's quite unpleasant. the on-campus feminist unit is really repugnant, from a show that i have come to expect better from (they're pulling the beverly hills 90210 moral bait-and-switch...where they present an issue, and then end up showing that the group - ie. anti-racist activits, take-back-the-night-feminists - is reactionary and stupid, and that the sororities are really the ones who are behaving responsibly). it's grossing me out. the problem with this season is the lack of CHARACTERS. there were amazing characters that we love and the interplay between them (ie. weevil, dick, mack, WALLACE!) and all that has totally fallen by the wayside, in exchange for "clever" cameos and nerdstrom fanboy reference drops. lame. i still want to have sexy stuff happen between me and logan echolls though.

however, we watched the first two episodes of season 3 of battlestar last night. CRIKEY! it's freaking awesome! i can't even process what happened because it was so dense. the ideas in that show make my head want to explode...after each episode we usually spend a giant chunk of time talking about the moral/ethical/philosophical implications.

the boy's sister is going in for surgery i'm finding what little goodwill there is in my craven heart and sending it in her direction. we're planning on visiting her after dinner. tonight i'm making fried rice, with chinese sausage, napa, peas, and egg and green onions, flavoured with soy, sesame oil, and rice wine. along with it, we're having these fried eggplant pockets i make. i take ground pork (veggie friends can sub firm tofu, processed in a food processor until ground meat-like), and mix it with some salt and pepper, soy, sesame oil, minced ginger and garlic. i slice an eggplant into approx 1/2" thick slices, but within each slice, i make another cut that doesn't go all the way through, so you end up with little eggplant taco-shell-type things, attached at one end (hopefully that makes sense). i stuff the pork mixture inside, then i bread them and pan-fry them and serve them with sweet chili dipping sauce. tasty delight!



dr. rei said...

the description of your dream/nightmare gave me a much needed LOLZ!!!

Little Ze's Mama said...

I laughed so hard I peed my pants. What is with your poo fixation?

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

nothing makes me happier than knowing that you two read and post comments on my blog.