Thursday, November 09, 2006

never underestimate the following

a) what an extremely edifying experience it is, to work at a place where a regular is known as the "poo lady", and that the nomenclature is actually recognized and acknowledged pretty much system-wide.

b) receiving a paper back from a professor with the comments: "you should use shorter words and try to use simpler sentences". it really does wonders to make you feel once again, like the chinese version of lisa simpson (in the episode where principal skinner has to push the "independent thought" alarm, or the one where she has to placate herself by playing "fur elise" in her head).

c) coming home from a 13 hour day to find your two roomies waiting for you to watch battlestar, being warmly greeted with a "hi, family!" when you walk in the door, and a well-prepared and nourishing dinner waiting for you.

d) the extent of the apoplectic state i enter when i see a premature (to me, at any rate) christmas commerical on tv, featuring some ugly (to me, at any rate) kid that they're trying to cute up by making her mispronounce words in what's supposed to be a charmingly precocious fashion. it drives me bonkers! christmas just stresses me the f**k out.

i just finished reading alison bechdel's "hot, throbbing dykes to watch out for". i've been systematically (though not chronologically) going through all the DTWOF compilations, and i recently finished her graphic novel memoire "fun home". i really really love her work, it's nice to see my kind of politics represented in a serial comic strip form, and nothing makes me happier than seeing the phrase "libidinal subversion" used along with pictures!

i also made the mistake of haphazardly grabbing this book last week, when i knew i was going to be taking public transportation and didn't bring anything to read with me. i find it really difficult to read anything of weight or substance on the subway, so this seemed like the perfect choice, but i've gotten inexplicably sucked in, which is the annoying thing, as it's a pretty flimsy, even for *my* definitions of flimsy subway reading. it's about some 30-something year old woman, who decided to undertake this project of cooking every recipe in julia child's "mastering the art of french cooking" and then blogged about it, and then subsequently got a book deal out of it. the writing is okay enough, and it's easy enough to get through...i just don't really get the point, and yet, because of my stupidly engrained work ethic and my stupidly engrained habit of always finishing what i've started, i can't put it down.

i also recently finished calvin trillin's "the tummy trilogy" which is a collection of three of his previously published works. he was the food writer for the new yorker for a good long time, and deservedly so. i feel much closer to his writing than the julie/julia broad. he basically travels around new york city and the nooks and crannie of the great united states, looking for the arcane, the local, the regional in terms of food. and he eats it. and talks about eating it in a way that makes ME want to eat it. we're talking buffalo chicken wings, bbq'd mutton, catfish festivals, state fairs, italian sausage sammiches sold during some annual street party in new york's little my mind, the stuff that dreams are made of.

tonight for dinner the plan is to cube up some butternut squash, and this little nub of sweet potato i have left over from making something else. toss with olive oil and salt and pepper and roast the cubes in an oven for a while. meanwhile, boil some penne pasta. i'm going to brown a little bit of butter, and fry some sage in the browned butter, then toss the pasta, roasted squash cubes and brown butter-fried sage mixture together with some of hte pasta cooking water to lube it up, and serve, along with a side salad.


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