Tuesday, November 28, 2006

my pater

is probably one of the biggest kooks in the world. which means i come by my contrariness/control-freak tendencies honestly, by way of nature. however, i was also predominately raised by my step-dad, who's an altogether different kind of kook entirely...the basic gist is: there was no real way i could have avoided kook-dom.

the plan of action for today, is to go to class, and sit at the back (i usually sit nearabouts the front-ish) and be IN lecture but doing the reading for my paper. then i'm going to draft my essay outline, and push this sucker out tonight. one shot. it's supposed to be 8-10 pages double-spaced, which is fairly reasonable...for some reason, because the subject matter is so mind-numbingly unengaging, i'm having a hard time actually getting it DONE. but we're into late penalties now...so i gotta quit messing around.

dinner last night was tasty, but i over-cooked the lake trout a little. last time i did the almond crust i used thicker salmon fillets, and i think it turned out a little nicer. tonight we're having this vegetarian "mexican" layered dip thing. bottom layer is refried beans, then a layer of chopped tomatoes, then a layer of diced avocado, a layer of chopped scallions, and finally, cheddar cheese. bake that in the oven (if i had them on hand, sometimes i add chopped black olive...although i'll never understand how black olives became conflated with mexican food...even if it is in the "tex-mex" idiom). we're having it with this "fire-roasted salsa" we get from the big carrot, blue corn tortilla chips, sour cream, and guacamole. i used to get all crazy and bake the salsa and sour cream and guac INTO the dip, but the whole thing became altogether too messy and sloppy and indistinct.

my treat today is veronica mars. then it's nose to the grindstone!



Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmm mega dip!!!!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

dear christopher d. minifie:

i know it's you posting, so just pick a user-name. why are you trying to be captain covert? it's weird.


p.s. i'm sorry if it's actually some random and i totally just reamed you out for your attempts at anonymity.