Monday, November 27, 2006

a little levity

yeah, i know i've been captain serious mcgoo lately with the spivak > klein issue. i'm putting that on the backburner for the time being to share with you this hilarious david blaine spoof that i saw on youtube the other day. it cracks me up! stop me if you've seen it before.

i've also been committing all kinds of murderation on the house centipedes that are appearing with increasing regularity around my house. that's what the little effers look like. they pretty delicate so they smoosh up easy, and i probably wouldn't have a problem with them...except they're FAST. they skitter and race around and in the end, it really hurts their image. and sometimes they can get kind of large (like 2 inches long).

last night's dinner was a resounding success, although i definitely ate more deep-fried vegetables than one person should really be capable of consuming. it got kind of ugly, but i kept justifying it to myself as "they're vegetables!".

tonight for dinner i'm trying to get through some of the freezer backlog to make some room for xmas-related ish. we're having lake trout fillets, dipped in seasoned flour, egg white, and then a ground almond-panko-sage mixture and pan fried. with it i think i'm going to make a dilled potato salad with these yukons we have, and do my regular green beans in the mustard-shallot-red wine vinaigrette.

short and sweet post today...i got a heckload of work to do...3 weeks til the end of term!!!



dr. rei said...

centipedes are our friends! they are the crime-fighting machines of the bug kingdom. don't be alarmed by their alarming appearance (lol)

let them live and run free!

down with earwigs tho

Little Ze's Mama said...

I have to disagree with dr. rei. Them bugs are, in the words of my boo, "gross."

PS - I sent back a "straight talking" email to our pops. You've been copied in on the email.

Anonymous said...

OK I'd like cooking lessons for Christmas this year. I can't stand reading about all this good food without knowing how to cook it.
momma D
P.S. Squish the buggers.

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

the people have spoken, dr. rei!

mama d: i'd love to offer cooking lessons!

i also love that you three are reading my blog! happiness abounds!


dr.rei said...

guys, believe me, i used to be like you...hating those centipede bastards almost as much as i hate gwen stefani.

i still have to remind myself that they are there to kill other bugs of more questionable character (i.e. silver fish, earwigs, spiders who by the way are lazy bastards who basically do nothing for a living, etc.).

mercy i love your blawwwwwg!