Saturday, November 04, 2006

last night's party

not to be confused with that weird phenomena was surprisingly fun...rupture played a way better set than the last time when i saw him at lee's a couple of years back. it was very very BASS-heavy, which is what i like, although the bpm wasn't quite up to snuff. as per usual, he didn't really use the third turntable, except to cue up the next mix...and the cuts weren't all that fast, and the mixing itself wasn't all that as a dj, he's still not as good as dj fishhead or c64. plus, it was very busy inside sneaky dee's although it was also filled with greasy pigs who were pushy and shovey and despite not being all that full, seemed to insist on brushing up against you and pushing their sweat-stained "areas" against you. and there was a black light. is there anything MORE gross than a black light? i think not. my friend billy's new tunes (i can only surmise they're his new tunes) aren't really turning my crank either. too much 4 to the floor hardcorey business with no bass. at a certain point last night, i would have KILLED for some chamillionaire.

rupture made an interesting quote in a now magazine article about how he consciously tries to avoid cultural tourism. i don't know how, but he claims that he does. so he's kind of the anti-diplo. but i also realized that if diplo is the ry cooder of urban youth dance music culture, then gwen stefani is diplo's ry cooder.

last night's party is this weird site where some dude takes pictures of nyc and (i think) l.a. club kids looking generic, for the rest of the non-l.a. and non-nyc crowd who fancy themselves that they should BY ALL RIGHTS IF THERE'S ANY JUSTIC IN THE WORLD be living in l.a. or nyc, to fetishize and aspire to. it's odd, because quite frankly, they all look like sweaty, gross, glassy-eyed and greazy haired cracker-jacks. it's actually the anti-thesis of what **i** consider to be a fun party. which means that either a) i'm monumentally destined to a life of crushing un-hipness/coolness b) i'd rather spend my time in nyc stuffing my face than partying with madonna (and seriously people...MADONNA showing up at a party is NOT COOL. your MOM would be cooler than madonna), or c) that my misanthropic tendencies show no prejeudice and willingly encompasses the anemic hordes of big city club kids in its snarly embrace. ugh. i just don't like PEOPLE. ESPECIALLY young people. ick. it's another symptom of the hyper-narcissism of the myspace phenomena. i mean, i'm as self-absorbed as the next person, i just don't kid myself that my self-absorption really SETS me apart from the great unwashed. i don't kid myself that reducing myself to a list of things i like really means that i'm going to have all that much in common with someone else who also likes those things, or that i've perfected the art of the myspace pout. the semantic conceit of listing people as your "friends" drives me bonkers. anyway, myspace is done...i'm pretty sure it's peaked.

okay, time for me to bike to the mennonites. the mennonites that i get my meat/eggs from are the anti-myspace, and for that i love them dearly. if and when they get a myspace page, i officially give up.

the plan tonight is to eat leftover bouillabaise with that olive garden salad and more rouille and baguette. although it always hurts me deep within my soul to eat untransformed leftovers. maybe i'll procrastinate from this presentation by making a dessert. report to follow.


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