Wednesday, November 22, 2006

kelly clarson represents the collective unconscious

this is a new theory i'm going with. based on the fact that almonst everyone i know, will at one point or another (usually inebriated) confess that kelly clarkson is their deepest, darkest guilty secret. girl can sing and she's got catchy-as-f**k production. i'm not a fan of the slow jams...but C'MON. as if when you hear "since you've been gone" it doesn't make you all hyper and giddy in your secret area.

that game song featuring junior reid would be way better if it was all just junior reid. was it dr. rei who told me that the game was on BLIND DATE?!? what guy!? also, i don't think i'm a fan of lady sovereign...i'm actually not that big a fan of pikey brits swaggering their way through pseudo-hip hop that's not all that funny or catchy. i'm OUT. the new nelly furtado single is aight...i like the backtrack...but i keep thinking that it's a remix of some 80s tune that i can't put a finger on...or at the very least it heavily samples it. p.s. nelly: LOSE THE NELLY FURTADO HIPPITY DIPPITY BLIND-MELONY FONT FOR YOUR NAME. it doesn't go with this new skanktronic thing you got going on. and that font is just plain buggin'. also, jay-z. please retire. and make your girlfriend sing catchy songs again, or at the very least, hook up with those destiny's child bitches and start doing it proper. her solo ish is wack. and while you're at it, just bring back en vogue to make me happy. would that be so hard?

i hate it when people make a BIG STINK about "retiring" and then they come back. it happens ALL THE TIME in the toronto jungle scene. so-and-so is "quitting" the scene so they post about it on a messageboard and everyone boohoos, but they come crawling back into that cesspool of ignominy.

finally, lately i've been d/ling some jason forrest stuff. jason forrest used to record and perform as "donna summer" (which is hilarious) but then he had to stop cuz i guess people were getting confused (equally hilarious). i've also been listening to the band, who make earthy white guy music that i can dig. i've also re-discovered my love for rick rubin. dude is awesome on so many levels. how does one man get to be so cool?

tonight for dinner the plan is to roast some asparagus in the oven. roasted asparagus is probably my favorite way of cooking it...the high heat caramelizes the sugars and concentrates the flavours like you wouldn't believe. so i cut the woody part of (usually a third of the way up from the base end), then toss the spears with some olive oil, salt and pepper and roast them in a 450F oven until they're cooked through and bright green (tasting one is the best way to tell...usually about 10-15 minutes). then i'm going to grill some bread on my panini press, lay some proscuitto on top, put the asparagus on top of that, and put a poached egg on top of that, to make an open faced sandwich. i'm going to drizzle it with bagna cauda, which is an italian sauce meaning "warm bath". it was my condiment of 2004, and i still love it (2005 was sweet chili dipping sauce, in case anyone's wondering, and i think 2006 was la bomba). it's butter and olive oil, in which you simmer a s**tload of garlic and chopped anchovies. when it's all warmed through, you add the zest of some lemons, and the juice of a lemon (depending on the quantity of butter and olive oil you started off with) and salt and pepper. it's warm and briny and rich and garlicky. it's the boom boom.


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tasha said...

hmmmm...can't say I agree with your Kelly Clarkson comment. I really have no tolerance for her or her music. But, of course, we all have our 'guilty pleasures' - for me, that was Destiny's Child back in the day. I can't think off hand of a more current example...maybe a Britney Spears song? I don't know...I think I have way more TV guilty pleasures than music ones...and there's no way I'm going to say what they are on here! I'll save that for our next phone date! :)

love ya!