Monday, November 20, 2006

irresponsibility mode

continued steadfastedly and unrepentantly unabated last night...we ordered mama's pizza for dinner. i LOVE mama's pizza...probably the best delivery chain pizza available. procrastination + pms = me being admiral pigface. i stuffed myself yesterday. then i was late for work because of the santa claus parade and all the streetcars being re-routed. the santa claus parade looks pretty seedy to me. it looks seedy on television, and it looks even seedier in real life. i don't think i have it in me to sit my butt in the cold november rain (ha!) in some crappy lawn chair with my snivelling kids, for this second-rate parade business. i'd much rather drag 'em down to THAT'S how it's done. if you're going to do something, do it right!

i grabbed chester brown's "i never liked you" comic at the library yesterday and finished reading it last night. it's quite good...a memoir-y look at the confusing rumpus that is teenaged "love". chester brown is also the guy who did "louis riel" which is a great comic. my enjoyment for "i never liked you" was severely compromised by the fact that he DEDICATES THE BOOK TO SOOK YIN LEE. they DATED. FOR FOUR YEARS. i have an immediate and visceral reaction to the name sook yin lee. sook yin lee's PICTURE or - heaven forbid - her face, ratchets up the vomitous urgings beyond quantifiable units. she's so gross! she's such a gutter rat! ugh. so that basically means that i can only semi-like (and on the low end of semi-like) this book. a great comic about love and loss is craig thompson's "good bye chunky rice"'s very sweet and poignant. i like his work in general, so "carnet de voyage" and "blankets" are also fantastic...i really like his drawing style. i also picked up marjane satrapi's new book "chicken with plums" which i plan on finishing today, before getting down to work in earnest. i'll post a little review tomorrow.

tonight we're FINALLY having that beef rendang, with steamed rice, chili-black bean sauteed eggplant and napa cabbage, and some rotis. fruit smoothie for dessert.



mark said...

"Louis Riel" is SOOO good. I found myself blasting through it way too fast so now I'm backtracking and reading the footnotes as well (I've lost all knowledge of grade 10 Canadian history) and I'm finding the book is a more enjoyable read this way too.

Thanks for the recomendation! What's the other graphic book called? "Palestine"? I think I'm going to get that one this weekend.

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...'s by joe sacco and it's called "palestine". they had it at pages.

i'm glad you liked it!!! saturday was mad fun, yo!

mark said...

i ordered it online yesterday! woo!

oh, the capital of Equador is Quito!

sg said...

i would love to discuss i never liked you with you as i hated it and i cant remember why. add to the list of things that will never happen but would be awsome: graphic novel book club yo. ps. i totally heart satrapi and brown's riel. ps2. can you explain further why you hate sook yin lee?

meredith said...

my welcome-to-toronto present was almost being run down by icky sook-yin on her bicycle on spadina, the 2nd day i lived here. she came w/in a foot of hitting me, speeding wildly down the goddamn sidewalk, braids flopping away.

my fave graphic novel as of late is hicksville by dylan horrocks. have you read it? it's splendid.

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

hi meredith! welcome to my blog of inanity.

i haven't read it...but i'll definitely put it on the list. right now i'm reading a lot of cooking and chef-related books.

COACH: sook yin lee is just's an indescribable gutter rat-ness that i get from her. to me, she seems to be one of those people who's actually not all that interesting, but for some reason, has tricked people into thinking that she is because she subs social-awkwardness and inappropriate (but not funny!) behaviour for actual cool. another person who i suspect is similar is thom yorke from radiohead.

dr.rei said...

member when you bumped into her that one time and said "gross"? that was the funny