Tuesday, November 14, 2006

interlude (aka my conclusion to the last assignment)

Koha offers significant benefits to a small-scale public library system like Chamillionaire Public Library. The major factor is the cost, and the freedom of our Library to be free from being locked into a vendor relationship, and reliance on one vendor for services and support. The comprehensiveness of the design and constant reevaluation and figuration of the Koha platform means that it will stay viable and relevant and respond quickly to changes in the industry and demands from users. The openness of the format means that with the proper training, Chamillionaire Public Library can tailor the needs of Koha to suit our specific community, and the savings from using an OSS will mean that we can re-allocate funds to continue to increase the visibility and relevance of library services. While there will be a significant period of adjustment, and some funds will have to be re-directed for staff training and switching over to a new system, the features offered by Koha and its ability to provide a comprehensive ILS with a detailed OPAC, equal to, if not better than our current platform, and the history of Koha as the founding leader of OSS ILS applications mean that it will be financially responsible, high-return resource for the Library.


Anonymous said...

Great summary! you made a good point about libraries being locked into a vendor.


Vava said...

Great summary. I like that you touch upon the cost of implementation, which seems to be missing in other conclusions. Will the person charged with making this work need to have programming skills, as they do in the DSpace OA system?