Tuesday, November 14, 2006

how do people do it?

there are NOT enough hours in the day for me. by the time i wake up, work 4 hours at my part-time job, deliver my baked goods, make dinner, do yoga, and do small organizational things, run some errands, photocopy some readings...the day is OVER. and i haven't done any actual schoolwork. do people not make dinner? do they not do grocery shopping? or laundry? i seriously don't get how everyone in the world seems to have more time at being academically productive than i.

however, on the plus side, my increasingly insouciant and cavalier attitude towards school is resulting in the best marks ever!!! thereby providing little incentive for me to change my errant ways. will i EVER learn?!? there seems to be an inverse relationship between the amount of time i put into the work and the mark that i get. the gods have spoken. thy will be done.

so, the startling revelation of the night last night was that i apparently have NO IDEA how "the clapper" works. i just kind of thought that it WORKED, whereas i've been informed that it has to be plugged in to switch the electrical current off. i figured you could have battery operated "the clapper"s or something...the miracles that surround us!

also, the candidate on whose campaign i was working lost by a measly 200-something votes. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. but i'm glad i didn't go to the campaign office on election day...it would have been muy depressing.

the soup last night turned out amazing...although all those grains keep absorbing liquid and turn it into a grain-stew puck, as opposed to soup. we're going to thin it down tonight and have it with panini consisting of: fontina, roasted yellow peppers, and artichoke hearts.


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sg said...

its called cereal for dinner and its bad for you. ps. if i ever hear you use the term lazy in reference to yourself again i will drop the longest and boringest lecture i can come up with. that is a promise not a threat. did you know that the subconcious cannot differentiate between jokes and truths ie: it just hears lazy-and the subconscious is powerful.