Tuesday, November 07, 2006

hobo junction

as i ever so fondly refer to my home library branch was surprisingly easy goings last night. my fellow page and i ended up talking with one of the librarians about the future of libraries for a good amount of time. it's nice to know that the usual crap and anxieties (is library school a load of hooey? how are libraries going to remain relevant? how do you measure the value of a cultural institution?) have been ongoing since she was in library school.

tonight i'm manning the phone banks again for alejandra bravo in ward 17. election day is monday!!!

we're having twice baked potatoes for dinner. i bake and scoop out the shells, and mash up the innards with sour cream, a little milk and salt and pepper, and grated cheddar cheese. i then fold in some sauteed leeks and garlic, and blanched broccoli florets, mound the whole mxiture back into the potato skins and top with more cheddar cheese. with this, we're having green beans blanched and sauteed with shallots and garlic in a mustardy-red wine vinaigrette.



Hannah said...

We're in Ward 17, but I'll be voting for Gustavo Valdez. His campaign flyer reads: "You need a councillor with 'social sensitivity', Gustavo have it. ELECT GUSTAVO The world is changing and our liders and the citizens. We need to construct societies with good understanding that the development and change is necessary. Of course we need to have a clear vision of that. Orientation programs and Learnenship for the youth are necessary, and we'll take care of that. VOTE"

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

well, okay, fine...i give you that.

hahaha...if i had known, i would have called you!