Monday, November 13, 2006

happy feet

well, i got to say, that when i first embarked on this epic weekend that just passed, i had NO IDEA that it would culminate in me having a photo-op with a giant penguin at the mall. imagine my elation!

this weekend was all kinds of awesome. my brothers bought this PS2 game called "guitar hero" (and as i type this, i'm FULLY aware that i may be about 10 years behind the times, but whatever). it's THE BEST VIDEO GAME EVER!!! i don't even KNOW if people still call them "video games", but it's the BEST! it comes with a guitar that you hook up to the console with five different coloured buttons on the fret, and a little bar that you strum. you basically have to match what's going on on the screen, and you can battle, play solo, or play with another guitarist/bassist. the songs are all kinds of new and classic rock/metal anthems. including one of my new favorite songs "woman" by wolfmother. wolfmother is the BEST NAME EVER! i'm going to name my kid wolfmother. anyway, it's unbelievable how much fun it is, pretending to shred. it's like a cross between DDR, simon, and every teenage boy's bedroom when they're 12. i've always secretly wanted to my idol, buckethead.

it was also a riot seeing my mom challenge my brother to a rock-paper-scissors deathmatch. we ate like pigs...and i got my fill of amazing chinese food...i didn't eat a vegetable all weekend. it was all various manifestations of pork and dumplings and rice, with a brief respite provided by an excursion to boston pizza. boston pizza kind of blows...but it was aight at the time.

we saw two movies, babel and borat. babel is directed by Alejandro Gonzalez, who is the same dude who directed "amores perros" and "21 grams". i saw 21 grams and it was mucho depressing and featured all these interconnected stories and the end result was kind of blah. pretty much the same can be said for babel. and the whole interconnected/interweaving story thing is starting to really bug me. it's so contrived!!! it was really paul haggis-y (director of "crash"...a movie i hated for being maudlin and contrived and well, stupid)
it's like the west (in the edward said sense) trying to NOT be the west, or like, overcompensate for being the west, by creating these stupid movies that show how AWARE we are of our western-crappiness and end up still enforcing stereotypes and coming off (to me, at any rate) vaguely racist. if anything, it's insulting to other cultures that we churn out this kind of self-congratulatory, self-important, oscar-pandering pap. i just don't get the POINT of this flick. yes, yes, we don't understand each other. and? it's like the director has nothing to say about the subject other than to illustrate how we don't understand each other. if you ask me, borat did a MUCH better job of illustrating the breakdown of communication and the impossibility of translating across cultural divides. and it was funny.

tonight for dinner, i'm trying to cleanse my and the boy's system from the gluttony we subjected our poor internal organs to this weekend. we're having a three grain soup (brown rice, bulghur and barley) with zucchini, black beans, and sliced shitakes in addition to the usual mirepoix, swimming in an ancho-chile/tomato broth. with it, we're having cheddar and scallion quesadillas
with sour cream and salsa and guacamole (i make a KILLER guacamole).


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