Wednesday, November 01, 2006

halloween nerds unite!

these are pictures from our neighbourhood walk last night. some places/houses really went all out! i LOVE people who go all out for halloween. one house had this giant spider that they controlled from the porch and half a skeletal body impaled on a spinning turntable. we want them to adopt us. halloween is > christmas, as fas as i'm concerned. it's like being kids again, and it's all for fun. christmas is a very phoney baloney holiday. it's stressful, lots of pressure, all about getting/buying STUFF under the auspices of "charity" and "giving", and then it's tied to depressing jesus ish all at the same time. no thank you. it's like fake togetherness and fake bonding because that's what you're supposed to do, as opposed to what you really want to do. halloween and thanksgiving trump it, x 10000000000 in my opinion. i like holidays where people and neighbours walk around, stand in the street and chat it up, etc. for some reason christmas just seems really inorganic to me.

so...we finished season 1 of battlestar. and there's a hole in our heart that can only be filled by season 2. which we don't have yet. eek! i've also started watching season 2 of this show called "top chef"...which i'm addicted to because i can relate to the challenges, and it's a (completely perverted) representation of what i used to do. so now my tv tally runs at this: buffy, battlestar, top chef, veronica mars, and bev hills 90210. it's packed!!! i'm also finding it EXCEEDINGLY difficult staying disciplined during reading week and actually doing work. all i want to do is bum around the house and make preserves and ride my bike.

tonight for dinner we're having that sweet potato-cheddar cheese gratin from monday...with oven-roasted brussel sprouts and oven-roasted asparagus. i made fudgy chocolate brownies for dessert last night as well. they're awesome, as was the curried jamaican pumpkin stew the boy made. it was fantastic...the only thing it could have used a little more of was heat from the habenero.



tasha said...

your neighbourhood is the shiznit! mine is totally lame-o! only one house on my street even attempted decorations of any kind. I love handing out candy, but for some reason, we don't get many kids. Last night we only got about 15 at the most! I would have thought because we live on a main street that there would be more traffic, but maybe that's also the drawback - people don't want their kids to get hurt or something.
speaking of, we saw a little dog get smoked outside our house on the weekend! I didn't actually see it, but I heard it outside my window and it made me feel ill. that's the second time I've been witness to that sadness! the first time I actually saw it and it was so awful....sigh. sorry for bringing down the blog, debbie downer styles....wha-wha...


mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

dude...that's SO bogus.

i'm home in the afternoon today...if you have money on your calling card...gimme a holler...otherwise i'm also free all day saturday.

loves ya!

mark said...

my dog (RIP) got smoked by a car. she saw something across the street and ran right in front of a car. she took that bumper like a trooper and went right under the hood. The dude driving was all distraught and he jumped outta the car to see if there was anything left. my dog appeared from under the nose of the car and bit that asshat on the leg then continued to barked at him. haha... i thought he looked worried when he got out of the car. he probably wished my dog died!

my dog: 1
car: 0
car driver: -1

no injuries. super dog for sure.

tasha said...

Mark, your dog kicks ass!

I don't have a calling card right now but I have a new plan, so I think you can call me, anytime after 6 my time.
saturday during the day should be ok...I've got to finish my ssrhc application today!

talk soon!! xoxo