Friday, November 24, 2006

gears of war

okay, i'm totally not a "gamer" by any stretch of the definition (ie. my last video game fixation was supermario 3 or mario go-cart), but if you've seen a movie in a theatre in the past little while, you will probably have seen a commercial for this new xbox game called "gears of war". it features a song called "mad world" by gary jules which is a remake of a tears for fears song (tears for fears rule by the way, in case there's any disagreement on where i stand on THAT particular issue). i know, i know, i hate commercials before movies too, and i'm usually the one who's all obnoxious and screaming: "COMMERCIALS SUCK!" in the quiet theatre and then remembering that the lights are still on and people can, well...see me. it's just the best matching of a tune to a visual in a video game commercial ever! the song itself (which was featured on the "donnie darko" soundtrack) is all creepy and eerie in that "teddy bears picnic" "girl from ipanema" kind of way and it sets the tone for, and reinforces the aesthetics of the commercial in a particularly adroit fashion. here's a link:

another song that i'm fixated on recently is phillip glass' "metamorphosis one" solo piano. it's so pretty and eerie. yes, yes, it was also featured in an episode of battlestar, but my relationship to it is unmediated by that particular little synchronization (i swear!!!)

i just read an article by naomi klein that i came across that kind of drove me bonkers. it's called "why being a librarian is a radical choice" (which already gets my hackles up, but anyway). it's a speech she gave at a joint ALA/CLA conference in 2003. now, naomi klein bothers me under the best of circumstances...i find her analysis un-critical, prone to hyperbole and i find her especially banal, fatuous, asinine and self-congratulatory (p.s. her invocation of the word "radical" is so painfully quaint and dated it makes me want to vomit globalization). i also find that she paints with the broadest brush ever made, and she doesn't acknowledge her own privilege. i find her only use is in whipping up the bourgeois leftist movement into a painfully predictable and narrow-minded froth and patting herself on the back for being the poster-child for leftist platitudes...THANK YOU NAOMI KLEIN FOR PUTTING YOUR STAMP OF "RADICALISM" ON MY PROFESSIONAL CAREER! i feel sooooooooooo validated. *insert my fake vomiting sound i learned from my brother* <-- highly effective and in my opinion, i do a particularly good job at it. according to a high-ranking insider i have in the legal system in the states, the provision for third party held information was always there prior to the patriot act. and due process still has to be followed before the government can request the records.

my general problem is this: people LOVE to figure the united states as the ultimate demon. now, i'm no fan of their foreign policies and whatnot, but i find the fervor of the left to indulge in rhetoric and stereotyping because it fits their neatly delineated agenda, to be abhorrent and probably the biggest discredit to a truly progressive critical political praxis and discourse. it's like chris rock said: "i don't like anyone who makes up their mind about the issue BEFORE THEY'VE HEARD THE ISSUE". and furthermore, s**t is boring, son. i'd be way more engaged if you took your analysis up a level instead of relying on the usual sturm and drang (i really hope i used that right).

on to more pleasant things. today i'm working all day at my current FAVORITE library in the whole system. which will be exceedingly pleasant. there's also a 90% less rubbie-hobo contingent to deal with at this branch. don't get me wrong: i'm exceedingly sympathetic to people in reduced circumstances, i'm less sympathetic to people whose reduced circumstances lead to loutishness and peeing on library furniture or threatening the staff. then i'm meeting up with my friends and we're going to snuffle around chinatown for cute tchotkes and end up at pho hung. my friends are a vegetarian and a vegan so if they're not offended by other people eating meat, i'll probably order my usual: 15E. 15E is described as "hue style pho", which means a different noodle (not rice vermicelli...more like thin flour based strands), in a spicy broth, with hunks of bristly grizzled pork trotter, pigs blood, and other pork-byproducts. and a jackfruit shake.

last night we visited the boy's sister at the hospital, and didn't get back until later (everything went exceedingly well and she'll be out of the hospital today). consequently i stuffed my face really late at night and had no room for dessert. on the plus side: dinner was TEH AWESOME. it's possibly my favorite eggplant presentation ever. the crunchy crispy fried breaded coating gives way to eggplant that's been cooked into custardy submissiveness, and then you add the sweet chili sauce and it's like eggplant heaven.

i was bummed about the no dessert though. wednesday i made a good one. i had a bunch of pears kind of going soft on the counter, so i peeled them, chunked them up and tossed them in a bowl. i had a half bag of cranberries so i tossed those in. added a handful of sugar, tossed it around and threw the stuff in a baking dish. then i mixed up a crisp topping with oats, flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and melted butter and baked it all. now, i'm usually a medium-fan of crisps. but this combination was awesome! the pears baked down but still kind of retained their shape, the pectin from the cranberries prevented everything from getting too soupy, and the sour-tart tang of them offset the sweetness of the crisp topping and the pears. with some whipped cream and ice cream it was delicious. i think that's going to be my standby crisp combo from now on. and i'm going to follow up pho hung with some of this deliciousness fo' sho'



Little Ze's Mama said...

Hey - check your email for my comments on today's posting!

dr. rei said...

a few comments:

1) those eggplant pockets you make are actually the best ever.

2) tears for fears! they rock. i love their haircuts and how serious they always look.

3)naomi klein is totally captain OBVZ.

4)i am so tired because i had to be at the toronto city archives at 9am and went to bed a 5:30am. why is life so hard?

5)i think i like dick casablancas more than a friend

6)love ya

tasha said...

haha...I remember watching you eat that pig blood dish, and man, that is something I've never forgotten about! maybe your veggie friends won't mind but it bothered me, but I never said anything because I don't like to be 'that person'. I might deal with it better now. going out for sushi has forced me to deal with foods that for me, do not look aesthetically pleasing. but whatever right?

p.s. do I even know you anymore?! :) I can't stand that commerical...they've ruined a beautiful song by juxtaposing it with some stupid video war game imagery (I'm totally biased though, living with a PC gamer nerd! Half-Life 4EVER!! haha) should give me a ding tomorrow afternoon!
but yeah, TFF, good times, even if listening to them does make me feel 10 again!

mercedes g. lee, esquire said... can't be "that person" around me! like, if it'll put someone off their food, then yeah, i guess i'll make a concession...even though there's very few things that other people would eat that would put me off my food.

i never would have noticed that song off of donnie darko UNLESS it was in the commercial. i'm on team JOHN!

i'll try calling you tomorrow.


mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

dr. rei:

i loves you too! we gots to hang soontime, yoguyseen.

additionally, what were you doing at the toronto archives? is it as fun as it seems in my head? or is it the opposite?