Thursday, November 02, 2006

cold nights + flannel + warm brownies + cold milk = love

not much to report, folks. considering that my daily routine as i enter day four of reading week consists of lolling around my house in a flannel-sheathed torpor, i'm surprised i even have the gusto to keep up my regular posting. i'm vascillating between heart-pounding stress by the thought of my assignments due next week, and total, complete, and tv-on-dvd fueled denial.

speaking of which, last night's episode of veronica mars was good! nice case, a richard grieco appearance, the re-emergence of wallace and weevil, and no piz in sight. sweet!

tonight, the plan is, if i'm really really good, i'm going to the trane studio in toronto to hear my friend's band AV6 play...but if i stay true to form, i'll more likely be found eating brownies and cold milk on my couch, in flannel pajamas with my house-family.

for dinner i'm making bouillabaise with rouille-topped croutons. for the bouillabaise, i sweat out leeks, garlic, and half a thinly sliced fennel bulb, then add in saffron, thyme, fennel seeds, a couple of halved tomatoes, and some tomato paste, deglaze with white wine, and then add fish stock i made with halibut bones, the green parts of the leek, and celery and onion. i puree the soup, pass it through a chinoise, and then add in chunks of halibut, shrimp, scallops and mussels.

a rouille is the traditional accompaniment to bouillabaise, and is similar to a spanish sauce called romesco (except romesco has almonds instead of breadcrumbs). it consists of roasted bell pepper, chili, breadcrumbs and garlic, emulsified with olive oil, and combined with the flavours of bouillabaise it's one of the perfect flavour pairings of all of the matches that go so well together it's like a no-brainer, the most self-evident, spice girls-esque "2 become 1" amalgamations of taste and texture in the history of food as aesthetic. with this, i'm staying with the french theme, and making a bacon, wild mushroom and frisee warm salad. i cut thick lardons out of the bacon, and crisp them up in a pan, then set them aside to drain. in the fat in the pan, i saute and brown a ton of "wild" mushrooms (creminis, oysters, shitakes) until cooked through, i then hit the pan with some grainy dijon mustard and red wine or sherry vinegar, and toss the hot mushroom mixture with the bacon, onto some cleaned chopped frisee lettuce.

finally, to rescue this entry from complete is my nephew dressed up as darth vader for halloween...although the effect is more spaceballs:

and here's him doing justin timberlake impression (when justin wears his "nosey hedgehog" tshirt):



mark said...

Well, as cute as your nephew is, it doesn't come close to the aww-factor of this photo of my nephew. I'm not being biased either (but I am) because he fractured his little ankle playing in the sand at a park. Poor little guy. =(

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

dude...that's so rough! poor lil' guy.

way to beat up your nephew, guy.

see you tonight, you math hooker faithful.