Friday, November 10, 2006


back in the day...when the boy used to smoke and i used to walk around wearing an absurdly large chef's toque. le sigh...we were so young and naive then.

this weekend is going to be ACES!!! i'm working today but sneaking off to have lunch with a friend, then going up to markham to visit the family for the weekend, including my sister and bro in law and their two chillun. my grandma called and promised me peking duck tonight, along with assorted other chinese food delicacies that taste the best in markham, outside of hong kong. i can't wait! peking duck with my family has come to stress me out, slightly. i come from a fairly large family, by today's standards. 3 siblings, two parents, my grandparents, and now, the addition of the white people contingent: namely the boy and the bro-in-law. which means that 1 peking duck is only enough to give you a tantalizing taste of the crispy skin and ducky fat and sliver of meat, all wrapped up in a thin flour pancake. we also used to go all out and ask them to cave up the whole duck but the drumsticks, and then we'd get to eat an entire peking duck drumstick. heavenly! but i think now there's too many people to do that. the weak point in most chinese meals tends to be the desesrts, as for some inexplicable reason, my people really, really like to stew up some legumes and call that "dessert". it's like porridge for dessert, more often than not.

we finished at a critical junction of battlestar...right at the end of season 2.0, before season 2.5 starts...we were in shock when we realized the dvd was only 2 episodes long, and we didn't have the followup. it's getting to the point where i don't really know what we did before battlestar, it's become the defining event of the day, the thing that i look forward to the most, the thing that gives my day meaning. sad, you might say? well, you can all go and eff yourself. you're either on board the battlestar or you can get the hells off my blog. word.



sg said...

cant i be neutral? this is too much pressure ;)

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

*sigh* i suppose...but only because it's YOU.