Monday, November 06, 2006

being subsumed by battlestar gallactica

it's a very strange phenomena. my will has been consumed by battlestar and battlestar-related ephemera. in a fit of desperation on saturday, rousing ourselves with a mighty show of effort and battling the soporific effects of too much rouille and brownie sundae madness, we trooped to blockbuster and tried to rent battlestar season 2.0 the dude at blockbuster is very interesting. he has freakishly LONG nails. on BOTH hands. we can't for the life of us figure out what it's about, or whyfor. it makes for a slightly grotesque/sublime renting experience though, as i can't help but stare transfixed. anyway, it was a bust. so we then had to walk the extra block to rogers video, where we emerged triumphant (need i say that we were all wearing our pajamas, and i was wearing a baliklava and that we looked like a travelling geriatric and clearly deranged production of bedknobs and broomsticks).

on an unrelated note, i have the potential opportunity to spend 6 weeks of my summer making an ungodly amount of money working with the boy at a jewish summer camp. this has pros and cons. pros: making an ungodly amount of money in an unseemly amount of time, a feat that i would only otherwise be able to accomplish if i harnessed my inner private-dancer. pros: being up in cottage country for 6 weeks in the summer. pros: being able to undertake this "adventure" with the boy. cons: i hate children (caveat: children not related to me by blood or friendship). cons: i don't like socializing with other counsellors/counsellor type people and singing tragically hip tunes around a campfire (yes i KNOW that i can't be sure that that's what's going to happen...but i sense it in my bones). cons: the food is crap, and i've been told the only palatable, marginally edible sustenance are "pizza bagels". you like, LIVE for the pizza bagels. although, there's a side of me, that's just perverse enough to glory in this kind of mass produced beaver/serca-delivered crap from a can...on occasion. ie. i LOVED university cafeteria food. plus, my university was very obliging to my freshman 60 billion by being ALL YOU CAN EAT. my favorite words!!!

tonight for dinner we're having tourtiere. the weather is kind of starting to piss me off. the weather for tourtiere is supposed to be frosty, cold, red-tipped nose, heaps of leaves piled dramatically at the foot of grand maples, mittens and scarves and watery morning eyes, fall style. instead, we have the second coming of spring. tant pis. so i made a wonderfully flaky double crust pie, stuffed with sauteed leeks, celery, carrots, par-boiled cubed potato, ground pork and loads of fresh thyme. to be eaten with a large salad, and my cranberry pear and apple relish. i LOVE relishes with meat pies. no dessert...i did my part and bought something from the ACA (i have no idea what in the hells that stands for...let it be known that library and information studies is positively RIFE with acronyms) bake sale. a little sugar pie. it was aight. but it cost $1 and the crust was store-bought.



mark said...

i understand you obsession.

my life too has been overtaken by a tv to dvd show, Lost. Everyone keeps telling me how season two sucks and how there are holes in the plot everywhere... but I don't care. I need my fix.

Rogers Video has some new policy where there are no late fees anymore. Disk 5 of Season 1 (which they have 2 copies of I might add) was out for over a week. I almost wrote an angry email to Rogers. Subject: BRING BACK LATE FEES I NEED MY FIX!

I was to the point where i ALMOST bought Lost season one just so I could watch the episodes on disk 5. Eventually I rented the episodes and I've moved on to season two.. which I was supposed to hold off on and watch it with a friend.. but I just can't wait so I'm going to lie to her and say I havn't seen them yet...

Next thing you know I'll be sneaking off at lunch or on my coffee break to get in a few minutes of the last episode.

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

i don't do homework anymore, or readings for class...i show up at school, and then come home and loaf in front of the tv all night with i and m. and it's AWESOME!!! i love being a tv zombie...especially when the tv is battlestar (which you would totally love btw).

i can't believe you're reneging on the friend-watching-together promise. that's SERIOUS. we don't even do that...we organize our schedules so that we're home to watch it together.



mark said...

isn't battlestar galactica an l. ron hubbard deal?

and yes, i renegged on the tv deal BUT she doesn't know that so technically if I just sit there, shut up and enjoy watching some episodes twice i'm not doing anything wrong. I spoke about this deal with another friend too and she said "tough shit! tv cliffhangers on dvd mean EVERYMAN FOR HIMSELF!"