Tuesday, November 21, 2006

baptist getting his mack on

yesterday was fun, if not overly productive. i worked at the library, where i was hit on (or being recruited by...hard to tell sometimes) this baptist pastor-in-training. note: if you're ever feeling a lack of love in your life...GO TO THE LIBRARY! i've never been hit on more than in my years there. and you get the whole gamut of prospective suitors. so me and the baptist had a friendly (but guarded, on my side at least) conversation, where i unleashed this little sparkling gem on him:
me: "see, i'm pretty ignorant about religion, so it must be difficult for people who belong to a specific denomination, dealing with people like me, who only know the media representations of a particular religion, and don't know the nuances of the sub-sects"
him: "i'm not sure what you mean"
me: "well, like i'm sure muslims frequently get stereotyped based on the ignorance of the public and the depiction of the media"
him: (thoughtful pause) "hmmmm...i'm trying to think of how baptists are portrayed in the media, in the context of your muslim example"
me: "well...uh...aren't you guys...like...not allowed to listen to rock'n'roll?"

the above exchange is interesting for a few reasons. a) i sound like a bumbling idiot b) apparently i've conflated "media" with a hazy recollection of the movie footloose. c) my frame of reference when talking to a baptist...IS FROM THE MOVIE FOOTLOOSE. ha!!!

then i got to work with a girl who is now my second-favorite library co-worker ever. she's getting a degree in physics at u of t. her focus is on non-linear physics, and specifically patterns. so cool! it was so interesting talking to her, and having her explain the big bang, and string theory, and convection, and sub-atomic particles, and quarks. i work with her again on wednesday and i'm totally excited...she's really into talking about it, and i'm really into talking to people who are really into talking about whatever they're into. she's one of those curious-about-the-world people. so in exchange i told her to rent the derrida dvd that my library has (which is a pretty stellar movie, btw...go get it!) as she was asking what i was into and what i studied in school.

i finished "chicken with plums" yesterday. it's quite a sad little story...i liked it better than satrapi's "embroideries". i like how she collapses quite rich, nuanced and deep narratives and seemingly simplifies them through the starkness of her imagery. so much is implied through the childish naivete of her aesthetic style, and it's a very effective vehicle for her particular brand of story-telling.

tonight for dinner we're eating my cancer-fighting borscht. i made a vat of it, so if anyone likes borscht, holla at me. it's filled with red cabbage and grated beets and it's magenta coloured. we eat it with a plop of full fat sour cream and dill snipped in, and with some cheddar-sage biscuits.



mark said...

Lucky you! You have your own personal Physicist to explain the universe to you!

Here's the show I was telling you about:

I have the DVDs if you want to watch it! It's so good!

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

re: equador

you were right! i looked it up at the library on monday and forgot to email you about the answer.