Sunday, October 29, 2006

when the pigs try to get at cha...

drop it like it's hot. halloween was a blast! there were some ups and downs though, some crushing lows and dizzying highs. despite the urgings of my brother, we left the house at 11pm, with my repeated assurances that "people in toronto don't go out until late". when we showed up at the boat, there was a long line, that didn't seem to be moving at all. we waited for about 20 minutes, and heard the music coming from inside. it was all 50s rockabilly, doo-wop kind of stuff (girl groups, etc). we conferred and decided that while the kitsch factor might be able to carry us for about a half an hour or so, we really didn't feel like we could dance and bruck out all night to that ish, so we high-tailed it up to supermarket. where we waiting in ANOTHER long ginormous line in the bitter cold. the saving grace was my brother having queued up toto's "africa" on his cell phone to boost morale and get us all hype (hahaha, i know! toto? who knew?). then when we were the next people in line, doofus mcgraw (aka me) realizes i FORGOT MY I.D.! which lead to some tense moments, whispered strategizing, and some more toto to get things going. the bouncer let me in, and we danced the night away to rick ross, snoop dog, JT, and all sorts of dancey goodness. only bummer was that we didn't hear thriller, and some people were WAY sloppy. plus, i dislike when couples hog the dancefloor, or even worse, the stage, to make out. that's valuable real estate! move along!!! hanging out with my bro was a blast...he's probably the most charismatic person in the history of life. EVERYONE comes up to him, boys, girls...his appeal cuts across most subdivisions and categories. it's crazy.

tonight for dinner i'm making the farfalle caponata, that i described a few entries back, before oyster fest started. i'm also going to make a baked banana tart with whipped cream for dessert. we earned it! this morning i had brunch at kubo radio. the food there is decent, and it's a good price. the main reason i go is for the babycake cupcakes. i've done an informal poll of the best cupcakes in the city, and the babycakes are the reigning champs. however, they're $3.50 a pop. which is EXTREMELY exorbitant. but they are the tastiest...especially the red devil.



mark said...

although all the getups are fantastic, ian steals the show. the similarity between him and keanu is unreal!


Hannah said...

Nice costumes! My swan dress was a hit at the boat, though no one recognized That Guy as Matthew Barney/Cremaster goat man.

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

for what it's worth, i think your costume was absolutely brilliant! and that guy looked a lot like barney!

rotis on friday!!!

do it!!!