Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"what's wrong with happyjack?"

yet another quality line, courtesy of david silver. well ladies and gentlemen, it looks like david silver might have successfully kicked his crystal meth habit...which is too bad, i'll miss young silver tearing donna martin a new asshole, and her perpetual look of wounded befuddlement. ah well, such is life.

today is my first official day of phone bank work. no more calling in sick, no more shirking my civic duty, no more fearing the reaper (actually, i still TOTALLY fear the reaper). it's also my first time headed up to the st. clair and dufferin area. it will also be the first time that i won't be able to watch veronica mars, season 3 in real time, as i fear i'll be getting home way late. will the injustices ever cease?

in other news, i think i may be transitioning into a narcoleptic. freaky! i'm basing this on the past two days, when it was very difficult for me to wake up. i'm also basing this on my latent hypochrondriac tendencies, where i tend to blow potential symptoms out of proportion (ie. i spent a good chunk of last year fretting that i was becoming diabetic).

tonight for dinner is vegan chili, made with tvp instead of ground beef. this lady i work with at the library seemed fairly convinced that tvp was "bad" for you, but when she went searching for the source information, she just found some sketchy website that appeared to claim that everything under the sun was bad for you. so, i'm going to continue to eat tvp. to make my chili, i saute onions, celery, carrot, chopped chili peppers and garlic, chopped fine. add in my cumin, coriander, ancho powder, chili powder, and mexican oregano, saute. add a can of tomato sauce (plain, cheap tomato sauce), a can of beef (whatever the boy has on hand), my tvp, and chuck it in the slowcooker. add my TOP SECRET HIGHLY CLASSIFIED SPECIAL INGREDIENT FOR CHILI BIGGING UP, and let it simmer all day. then i add a can of kidney beans at the end, season with salt and pepper, and eat it with an avocado-lime salsa, sour cream, and chopped scallions. no dessert tonight! i've been pigging out like mad lately.


p.s. my top secret ingredient is a little bit of cocoa powder. it adds a warm, round, deep backnote to the chili.


tasha said...

dang! that was one of my fave things last time I came to visit - seriously, the guac on top was definitely the highlight! mmmm...

I'm making some homemade mac n cheese tonight, and I'm stealing your idea of adding spinach and shrooms. I like that idea! If I'm not too tired afterward I'm going to make a pumpkin pie. I've been craving it something fierce lately. I blame it on the pms!

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

next week is my reading week...let's set up a phone date!

tasha said...

word! any night of the week is fine, except for wed and thurs...or else during the day on the weekend.

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

just remind me to tell you about the dramarama w/ everyone's favorite couple: jay and magda!!!