Friday, October 20, 2006

tonight is the night!!!

after much planning, money, and anticipation, my party is tonight! i'll hopefully be able to post some pics tomorrow if i remember to take any in the midst of brucking out all night 'pon the dancefloor.

i almost want it to be this time tomorrow so that it's seems strange i know...but the dj has been kind of acting strangely, my promotion partner is m.i.a. because he's too much of a party junkie, so i just want the relief of not having to stress and worry about it anymore. although i'm sure i'll feel differently tonight when i'm screaming my head off and surrounded by my friends and all.

i also got into a huge argument with a friend/former bf who has weird social issues. it's one of those situations where they like to belittle you and verbally put you down, especially when another mutual friend is around that they can put a show on for...and then try to play it off like they were "just kidding" because they've known you so long, so for some reason, that makes it okay. even if you've repeatedly said it isn't okay. i just find it way immature, and i don't have time in my life for that kind of crap, and quite frankly, i don't let anyone talk to me like that, thankyouverymuch.

last night we watched dave chappelle's stand up dvd called: "for what it's worth". i'm one of those people who doesn't find the chappelle showconsistently funny, but this was was just what i needed. however, we followed that up with what is possibly the most harrowing episode of buffy the vampire slayer ever, "the body". for someone who has issues dealing with their own mortality, and for a house that has had entirely too much mortality stuff thrust upon us as of late, it wasn't the best choice. we were all too scared and unsettled to go to bed last night! however, it does highlight why joss whedon is probably the genius of all television geniuses. it was brilliant...i've rarely have a tv episode affect me that way.

today i have to do a crapload of running around and stuff, and i'm working from 2:30-6:00pm. so if i get home with any gusto...i'm planning on making macaroni and cheese with sauteed spinach and mushrooms thrown in. i need to use up all these cheese odds and ends in the fridge (i hope all the flavours mingle well)...but it'll predominately be cheddar. i find when making a bechamel with all cheddar as your mac'n'cheese sauce, that cheddar has a tendency to melt with a very slight i like to smooth it out by adding a gruyere, or a fontina, which helps round out the texture and provide a buttery undernote. generally i make baked macaroni and cheeses with some kind of panko/crouton/toasted almond topping, but i think for this version, i'm going to leave it very loose (to adjust for how much liquid the mac can absorb, even after cooked, and how it can seize up so much as it cools), and toast the panko in some butter and garlic in a pan on the stove, topping each bowl with some of the breadcrumb mixture to add that crunch. maybe more chocolate pudding for dessert.


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tasha said...

hope you have a successful party and a fun night! I'll be there in spirit! :)

try to take some pics if you remember.