Monday, October 02, 2006

thanksgiving wouldn't be thanksgiving...

without a giant family kerfuffle before/during/after. luckily my fam got it out of the way beforehand. this weekend was going fine, until the subject of me hosting my family at my place for thanksgiving came up....then the sh*t hit the fan, BIGTIME!

in retrospect, it was no biggie. basically they want to have it up at my parents house, which is more comfortably appointed, but the kitchen blows. my place has an awesome kitchen set up, with all my gear, but it's still an apartment rented by three students. the sticking point was what i perceived to be the expectation that i do my whole thanksgiving menu up at my parents place. the thing is: i'm the only person who cooks in my family. and i absolutely loathe cooking up there.

the way i see it, cooking is my craft, and something i'm really passionate about. and i don't like doing it half-assed. i don't really like doing anything half-assed, but especially cooking (school stuff i'll totally let slide on the half-assedness scale). and cooking up at my parent's place is the definition of half-assed and stressful. thanksgiving cooking is always a lot of work, but it's work that i would enjoy, in my place, surrounded by my tools and gear. up at my parent's place, it would just be a lot of tedious work. blah!!! but it all got sorted out okay in the end, i think. basically the fam can't have it both ways. if they want me to do the cooking, they can suck it up and do it at my place. if they want to have the comfort of my parent's place, they can do without home-cooked factor, and i'm totally fine ordering pizza or whatever.

babysitting my niece was fun on saturday. we had a good time, even though she was feeling a little out of sorts. we spent the night at a hotel with my family on saturday, and then sunday we had brunch at the hot house cafe at church street. it's an msg-laden, reasonably priced buffet with the usual all-you-can-eat allstars. the food is aight, but the price is decent and for what you pay for, and considering that all-you-can-eat buffets can be gouge-fests, it's okay. then we went home and loafed around and ordered asian legend take out for dinner. asian legend is usually the bomb, but take out is so-so. it's still porky goodness, but sweating in styrofoam doesn't do it any favours.

tonight i have a monster day. boooooooooo. tonight for dinnie is huevos rancheros. i made little tortilla sandwiches, stuffed with refried bean and chopped tomato and monterrey jack cheese. i bake them in the oven, then top them with a chipotle-tomato-sofrito sauce, and fried eggs. eat it with guacamole and sour cream and salsa, and it's basically all things i love on one plate.


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