Thursday, October 05, 2006

thanksgiving countdown...

is in high gear!!! i'm so excited!!! probably my most favoritest of holidays. i love it because it happens during the fall (best season), is all about family and friends gathering around a table full of food, and it features some of the best dessert offerings of the year.

things are finally getting truly nippy out there, which will be nice, since my house will be a raging inferno when i'm hosting my family here on saturday.

fun fun fun!

tonight i'm hanging out with r, we're going on a mission to check out coats for her at aritzia. i generally find aritizia to be a most unpleasant shopping experience, but that's what friends are for. i'm longing for a jacket i saw at a vintage store on was a little quilted, asian-inspired, mao-ish number, dark blue, with a mandarin collar and a small apple or cherry print. it was really cute! but it was also $60 which i don't have.

the AD&L cafe sold out of my stuff as of early wednesday, and i gave them 50 items! my friend insists on giving me feedback in the way of poncey "critiques". it'd be one thing if he said: "the jam bars weren't as good as the last batch for some reason" but he'll write stuff like: "the crumb on the bars wasn't as tender, the browning wasn't as dark, and you lost the chewy extra-jammy bits clinging to the edges" (imagine that...but PONCIER). anyway, i might do a blitz this weekend and do a s**tload of cookies and stuff (quick, high volume) and then see how much moolah i can get. plus, i haven't broached the idea with him yet of raising the prices. i don't know if i will, since people have already been buying the goods at one price, i'd hate to be a total greed-monger and jack it up.

dinner tonight is going to be an ode to fall. garlic-pork farmer's sausage, seared until it's nicely browned and snappy and crackling on the outside, then cooked with caramelized onions, garlic, and pears, cooked in a cider-vinegar caramel pan sauce. we're eating this with mashed potatoes, and olive-oil braised kale. i love kale! for dessert, i'm fulfilling a special request by r for pumpkin pie. with piles and piles of whipped cream. i can't wait! i wish it was dinnie now.

when i come back and re-read my entries, i realize that these postings are rampant with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, tense-conflicts and such. i'm not being super-careful when i write these, i'm usually doing it first thing in the morning, as i'm eating my breakfast, and after i've consumed my daily glut of celebrity gossip blogs. guessing who has cellulite and tracing jessica simpson's rapidly appearing-then-disappearing orange skin condition has a tendency to vaporize my language skills right outta my head. the point is, i can write with a reasonable degree of proficiency...i don't want these blog entries to reflect poorly on my stellar public-school education.


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