Friday, October 13, 2006

staring down the barrel

of a really boring weekend. it's really hard to stay disciplined and do your homework when the weekend rolls around. it's very easy to get tempted into major slackery. unfortunately, i basically have to start and finish a paper tonight, and tomorrow. bogus.

the stress is coming in waves...i'll succesfully forget about it...and then it comes back and hits me in the chest like a ton of bricks (original analogy, eh?). this is what i have on my plate at the moment:

- working 16-20 hours a week at various libraries, including sunday shifts
- working on getting the cover art for the record label's next cd finished with the graphic designer
- sorting out this party, which is really stressing me out because it came together very suddenly, i have a lot of my money on the line, we only had three proper weeks of flyering, and it's a week today
- burning 175 cds to give away at the party
- sending out the mailing list info
- working the phone banks for some union-approved municipal candidate's election campaign
- making dinner every night
- life (ie. being a functional human being)
- school, which right now includes: 3 papers, 1 midterm, all next week
- sorting out another party i might potentially be throwing in december
- kicking myself for being an idiot and taking on too much ish
- sorting out my halloween costume
- figuring out the montreal travel arrangements for my road trip with rei

tonight i might treat myself to a pizza or some form of take-out dinner. maybe chinese bbq and soy sauce rice and veg? or maybe sushi delight? or maybe a bowl of the spicy hot kimchi bowl with udon noodles from the japanese place, sakawaya, around the corner. or i'll do the fiscally responsible thing and make what was planned for: a kale and ricotta tart. i work today until 6pm at the library i really dislike, so i can see myself not wanting to do more work after work AT ALL. after re-reading my list of obligations/committments...i'm most def ordering takeout.

we shall see. i want to go out dancing on saturday...i'm trying to rally the crew (aka my housemates) to go with r and her crew. eek!



tasha said...

guess what I made tonight? veggie pot pie. so good! this time I made it more pie like - the recipe only calls for a pie top but I find that too messy. it's totally perfect for fall. I really love food this time of year, all the squashes and hearty goodness. yummy.

hey, sunday is John's bday! we're having a party tomorrow night. wish you were here...c'est la vie.

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

convergence! i had veggie pot pie on the menu for sunday evening!

what did you get john?

tasha said...

I'm taking him shopping...he needs some new clothes stat!