Sunday, October 15, 2006

some party girl i am

so last night all my best-laid plans turned into bail-fest 2010. my roomies both flaked out on me - the boy because he was feeling under the weather and is already deeply sceptical about baltimore bass, and m because she was at a birth the night before and got about 3 hours sleep. it's really hard, when you love the people you live with, to get motivated to leave the warm beacon of your couch. when it's late, it's cold outside, the night's events are the great unknown, you already have a predisposition to be a homebody, and you have already have all the company you need within a 2 foot radius of you. the family we've carved out for ourselves here on the danforth is definitely a double-edged sword.

i felt bad because i flaked out on r and her crew, some of who are from hamilton, and i've never met before, but have heard alot about. i also flaked out from my school-chum s, which was a double bummer, because a) i haven't had a chance to do out-of-school socializing with school peeps yet, and b) because i talked up the night to her and now feel vaguely responsible if it's a bust. eek! i'm a bad friend! but when m and i started bailing, i felt guilty for going out when i have all this stuff due next week. plus, i justified it by saying that my party is this friday, and i'm going to get right crunked at that. and i have a whole year of partying to do...and this week coming up is particularly heinous for school ish. i just wish i had more time! my friend from canoe m called me yesterday, and i realized i haven't seen/hung with any of my canoe friends since i left in late july. gah! you get so caught up in your day to day and your regular circle that it's really hard to nurture new, long-lasting friendships the older you get, because there's so many things competing for your time, that weren't there in say, high school or university, when you could really spend hours with people hashing it out, and building strong foundations. booo.

so, we ended up staying in and watching "party girl" which h lent to me. it's awesome! it's really funny and individual and quirky and cute. it doesn't fit any one genre, and it feels like my life story: hard living party promoter girl starts working in the library by chance, then ends up deciding to go to grad school to get her MIS degree. whoa. looking up "party girl" on google images results in a LOT of NSFW ish. beware! people have VERY divergent ideas on what constitutes a party.

i went off my rocker in the food department last night. my beloved weekly meal plan is getting sorely neglected. i ended up at sushi delight, where i indulged in the "special box" which is the best deal i've ever come across in toronto, for boxed sets. for $10.99 you get: 6 pieces of california roll, 3 pieces of salmon sashimi, miso soup, a drink of your choosing (non alcoholic), ice cream, and a bento box with shrimp and veggie tempura, salad, rice, black cod fish or bbq beef ribs and edamame. they also sent out some steamed mussels on the house, which was a lovely gesture. THEN i came home and ate a slice of pizza and some chips and dip. my gut is suffering.

today i'm back on track with a vengeance. we're having root vegetable pot pie. i sauted some onions, garlic, finely chopped celery and carrot, then did a chunkier large dice of celery root, sweet potato, turnip, some yukon gold potato, and cremini mushrooms in quarters. mixed those in...made a simple roux, added milk, and salt and pepper, chopped parsley and thyme, and mixed it all together. threw it into a baking dish, and i'm going to top it with some frozen peas and a whole wheat pie crust i made, and throw it in the oven tonight. mmmmmmm.

the more i think about this baltimore urban appropriation thing...the more it gets me wondering. is diplo the ry cooder of urban youth culture? would people like baile funk if the ghettos of brazil hadn't already been presented to us in a fetishized way in "city of god"? if people could understand what the singers were saying? probably not all that original...although i don't know if anyone has researched diplo yet. maybe i can milk a phd out of this!

on another note: dane cook is enormously, gigantically unfunny. why do i know this guy's name? how is this guy famous? he blows!


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Hannah said...

I'm glad you liked Party Girl!! AND do I have a cd for you!! Just wait...