Monday, October 16, 2006

since i'll probably be cramming tomorrow morning

or making last minute, hasty, and inadvisable edits to my paper...i'm engaging in some premature procrastination induced posting.

my roomies have been very nice and let me off the hook for making dinner until everything calms down for me. actually, to be honest, it's more like they made me let myself off the hook. i feel really guilty about making everyone pay extra money for takeout during the week, when we've already pitched in for groceries, and i feel even more ocd-instigated guilt for not slavishly adhering to my pre-determined, carved-in-stone list. it sucks being a slave to lists and idiosyncratic systems.

tonight we grabbed hakka chinese food from "danforth dragon" around the corner. hakka food is indian-influenced chinese food. it was quite tasty. we kept it simple with a chow mein stirfry, and this caramelized chili beef which was standout. i came home from work this morning feeling very stressed out..i think sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time staring at the screen really messes with my head. my eyes were googly and i had a dull headache. my roomie came up with this relaxation technique that seemed to work. she dipped two cotton pads in witch hazel and threw them in the fridge. then we lay down, put them over our eyes, and "concentrated on our breathing" for 20 minutes. it definitely made me feel a thousand times better when i came out of it.

today's episode of beverly hills was a flashback one. david is at his wit's end with donna because she won't give it up to him. i'm kind of on david's side and i'm worried that it's means i'm not a feminist. she barely kisses him though!!! they're like brother and sister! it's gross!!! it was a christmas episode so OF COURSE i started crying when dylan gets a christmas tree for his newfound little sister. and then we happened to catch the video for johnny cash's "hurt" which basically reduced everyone in the house to tears. apparently we're all in an emotionally heightened state right now. that, and that video could squeeze tears from the most cold-hearted bastard out there (aka stephen harper or heather mills mccartney)

having to write an exam is totally giving me the wigouts. firstly because i haven't written an exam since grade 11 bio, and secondly because everyone goes all crazy when exams come around! this exam is for intro to bibliographic control. the whole course thus far is based around a thick tome that details various rules for every conceivable situation a cataloguer might be faced with. the exam deals with two chapters of the text, and we get to bring the text in with us. so basically...i'm worried because i don't really get what the stress is. we're being given the basically just have to chug your way throught the rules. don't get me wrong, there's still a chance i'm going to go down in a blaze of glory, like the young gun i am, but it seems fairly trickery involved. we also got the layout for the exam in advance. all will be revealed tomorrow. maybe my ill-advised trust in my abilities to decipher the intricacies of the Anglo American Cataloguing Rules will be my undoing. AACR2= moriarty. and i'm picard. in one of those awesome ST:TNG episodes involving heavy use of the holodeck. god bless the holodeck.

or was it data who was sherlock holmes?


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