Friday, October 06, 2006

p.s. i love my sister

my sister reads my blog and just sent me a cute email about how libraries are a post-modernist nightmare, and that i was way naive for thinking otherwise.

it was very cute, and i'm very appreciative of the fact that i can have these kinds of discussions with my sister.

i'm procrastinating and realizing that i didn't want to blog tomorrow, i figured i'd post the thanksgiving dinner i'm preparing for my family today! fun fun fun. thanksgiving menu tomorrow at my house will be:

roasted turkey - basted with white wine and butter
garlic mashed potatoes
sage, parsley, thyme stuffing
cheddar sage biscuits
panko-topped brussels sprouts, carrot horseradish mayonnaise casserole (so cracker-jack! so good!)
peas with crispy bacon bits

sweet potato pecan pie and whipped cream for dessert
and my sis said she might make this pumpkin snackin' cake.

i made the stuffing and brussels sprouts casserole today, and i just biked back with the 17lb turkey from the mennonites on my back. yay mennonite turkey. it always tastes more turkey-like than non-mennonite turkey...the same way lay's short-lived "deli-style" chips tasted more regular than regular chips (in a good way).

for the boy's family, which is having their to-do on sunday, i hand over kitchen control to the mater familias and content myself with my role as designated sugar/fat (read: dessert) bearer. so i'm bringing them a sweet potato pecan pie. the boy's cousin is diabetic, so he can't have sugar, and the boy's sister is on this semi-vegetarian thing where she'll eat eggs but no dairy, so for them, i combined their food preferences into an apple-pecan strudel with a custard sauce made with a leetle bit of sugar and vanilla, to be passed on the side. i could use sugar-substitute stuff, but i'm fairly convinced that stuff is poison (like raisins!), so i'd rather put in a bit of the real stuff, as opposed to some weird, raisin-esque, chemical-derived poison.



Hannah said...

What, no pumpkin pie for me? That's okay I filled up on a carrot muffin and "vanilla cappuccino" from The Baker's Dozen... mmm mmm. My blog is up and running and I've added a link to your blog! What fun! I know how I'm going to spend my weekend!

Hannah said...

Thanks for the pie (and curry and VERONICA MARS!!!)!