Wednesday, October 18, 2006

people are so crazy!

first of all, if i ever met donna martin in real life, i'd punch her in the face. she acts like a child! it's so bizarre how they infantilize her on this show! david silver broke up with her because she hasn't had sex with him in over two years together, and i'm worried that it makes me anti-feminist that i'm on david's side. she barely even kisses him! on the christmas episode, there was also all this strange mouth-kissing going on between david and kelly, and then dylan and brenda and dylan and kelly and then dylan and donna.

in other news, i'm sure you've all heard that madonna is adopting a little black kid from africa. how is collecting children from developing worlds suddenly a thing now for celebrities?!? it's so wack! and then there are people who are making concerted efforts to block the adoption. who has that kind of time on their hands?!? madonna is soooooo boring. she's probably the most over-rated "transgressive" celebrity in the history of forever. hang it up, sister. it's just awkward.

regular readers of my blog may be confused by the post to follow this one. i have to post my conclusion for this paper i wrote for a class on library 2.0. i came up with THE BEST name for my paper though: 2.0 fast, 2.o furious. hahahaha! there are no ends to how funny i find myself.
finally made contact with the dj...he's coming into town tonight. usually the talent stays with me, but this guy wants to stay with this former acquaintance of mine who's completely unreliable, a pathological liar, and is a true "joker of the scene" (the tdot jungle scene that is). i was a little offended, but then i figured, if mister dj is that poor a judge of character then, by all means, go to it. one less thing for me to have to worry about, having a houseguest and all and worrying whether they're okay and whatnot. as long as he shows up to play...that's all i'm worried about.

veggie shepherd's pie for dinnie again tonight. it turned out teh awesome! except, i covered the top with foil to keep it from overbrowning, and most of the cheese came off with it :(
i think i'm going to treat myself to a nanaimo bar from daniel et daniel as well. things are going well...i just started the paper i'm writing today, but it should definitely be done by class, and if not, i have until 5pm today to email it into the prof. you know what takes the longest? writing out your works cited. it's such a bummer, just when you think you're done, it's like an extra half hour or 45 minutes sorting all that shiz out.

last nights episode of veronica mars was so good, i faked vomited and screamed into a pillow (twice) out of happiness and excitement. and tonight, top chef starts!!!!!!!! yayayayay! best shows ever! according to my brother "heroes" is an awesome show too...but i don't have time for anything else right now. top chef and ronnie is all i need.


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