Tuesday, October 17, 2006

one midterm done!

three papers to go! i'm feeling pumped! although a few things are bringing me down. they are:

a) my bestest library work buddy got another placement elsewhere, which means i'll have no one to goof off and pretend to work with anymore
b) i think i managed a B at best, and a FFFFFFF at worst on the midterm. i don't preform well under the gun, unless it comes to feats of supernatural endurance, and physical strength. ie. if there isn't any adrenaline involved, i crap out, muy pronto.
c) i still have three assignments to write
d) my headliner for the show on friday for some reason refuses to return my emails

things on the plus side:

a) i had a fantastic breakfast this morning of smoked salmon on a cream cheese slathered whole wheat bagel.
b) my work was understanding about me skipping out on my shift today to get to work on my school stuff
c) veronica mars is on tonight!
d) this weekend is shaping up to be hella fun and it'll be nice to be footloose after all this tension and stress

tonight i'm going to make a veggie shepherd's pie for dinner, featuring tvp in place of ground beef, because i'm feeling uppity like that. i saute up onions, garlic, celery and carrot chopped fine, sweat 'em down, then add my tvp and some boiling water to lube everything up. then i add some quartered mushrooms (for the beefy umami flayva), and some larger dice of random root vegetables (sweet potato, celery root) some peas, and some thyme. throw it in a casserole dish, and blanket the top with a thick, snowy layer of mashed yukon gold potatoes, and some cheddar cheese. throw it in the oven...and it comes out all melty and layered and tummy-filling. i love cold-weather food!!!


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tasha said...

oooh, love the shepard's pie. I think I'm gonna make that next week. I use ground round instead of tvp. tonight, I'm making this roasted veggie cinnamon coucous. I haven't made it before so I hope it's good! it calls for squash and sweet potato so it can't be all that bad!

I love hearing about what other people are having for dinner. fun!

I'm sure you did just fine on your midterm. you're probably just feelinga little rusty.