Thursday, October 12, 2006

norweigian misfits and nanaimo bars

slow news day, folks. so instead, i present you with the mighty nanaimo bar! this particular specimen comes from Daniel et Daniel on Carlton (@ Parliament). They are the superlative nanaimo bar as far as i'm concerned. they're large, each layer has a distinct texture, and the coconut and walnuts in the crust layer are equally represented and present on the palate. the nanaimo bar is the subject of my reference review question. i'm supposed to go to a "bricks and mortar" library and a digital/telephone reference service and ask the same question, analyzing and critiquing the service i'm given at both. my questions started out pretty vague: "what is the current consensus on the expansion of the universe?" "is there any conclusive proof that vegetarianism is less harmful to the environment than omnivorism?" but i think i'm going to ask about the history of the nanaimo bar. either that, or ask "in what aesthetic period do we currently find ourselves?"

i had a talk with the t.a. and with the prof about the B paper. the t.a. admitted that the mark was assigned based on the dates of the reviews that i had critiqued...and i think i put on a pretty good defense of how the dates were superfluous to the nature of my analysis of the reviews. the t.a. said they'd talk it over with the prof and then get back to me. i had already made an appointment with the prof to discuss my paper and my concerns about the program, and the prof said that a superficial reading of my paper revealed that it was actually a very good paper. just as i suspected! the prof also addressed my concerns and basically re-affirmed what i knew: that is, that this program does tend to be highly structured and methodical and involve a lot of "report" writing versus "essay" writing, but that my critical background can and should be employed...but on a case by case basis. now that i've been here for a few weeks, i kind of know which profs invite that kind of analysis, and which ones want a paint by numbers approach to the assignments, so i won't get so hung up on it...i'll just crank out what they want, in the "wham bam thank you ma'am" style.

phew! so far, a red letter day! to further top things off...i found the perfect wig for my hallowe'en costume, and one that isn't all that expensive.

dinner last night was a success! the beans got really creamy in the slow cooker, and the garlic sausages from the mennonites can do no wrong. i was also a good little kid and refrained from eating the last slice of pumpkin pie. tonight's dinner is seared lake trout (again from the mennonites) with the last of the leftover brussel sprout and carrot casserole from thanksgiving, some sauteed tomatoes, and cheddar sage biscuits (i want to make things easy on myself). no dessert again! maybe a fruit smoothie if i get extra peckish.

in other news..i think i have a wee crush on one of the dudes that works at the bike shop closest to me. i call them "sven and his band of norweigian misfits" but i've come to suspect that they're actually croatian or something. anyway, i went to pick up my bike from them today, after its post-accident tune-up, and i realized that dude is pretty damn cute. who knew? who knew that eastern european dudes with hands permanently blackened with chain grease would turn my proverbial crank?



tasha said...

hey lady,

hope you're feeling better after the accident. that really sucks! your story only further entrenched my fear of riding on main roads, especially in Van, where people do not know how to drive! it's a very scary place for pedestrians and bikers.
speaking of bikes, I hear ya on 'the cute guy who works at the bike shop' tip! the place where we go is filled with little cuties, and one in particular, a sweaty, semi-buff, greasy Aussie, is very nice! but don't tell John! ;) (haha, like he cares)

I made something yummy for lunch today - this mediterranean dish - it's actually vegan but I added a little cheese. it's just sauteed onions, garlic, mixed with breadcrumbs, lemon juice, black olives, salt and pep, and fresh parsley. you put one layer of that, then artichokes, then I added some cheese, and then top it off with the rest of the breadcrumb/onion mixture. last, add a bit of reduced veggie stock to keep it a little moist, then bake til ready. sooo good! I can't remember if you like artichokes, but I do, and it's the best food, esp. for lunch because it's not too heavy. mmmm....

tasha said...

p.s. what's the deal with nanaimo bars? I've never liked them...

mercedes g. lee, esquire said...

they might be too sweet for you, tash.

that dish sounds awesome. i never would have thought to do a layered thing like that. and i loooooove artichokes.

i'm going to try to take some covert digital camera shots of bike guy.

nanaimo bars might be too sweet for you...but i'm totally hooked on them.